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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Throw Back Thursday ~ Fog ~ Sun ~ Gabe & Ann Ramirez ~ Mike Cipolla ~ Gabrielino Eagles Marching Regiment ~ World Series

Good 42ยบ wispy cloudy morning.
Happy Throw Back Thursday... my Mom and Dad at the Moulin Rouge on Sunset Blvd in 1959

The Moulin Rouge was a supper club. Here is some history of the NY and LA clubs:

When I said it was "foggy" yesterday, I meant it! My upper pasture.... looking NE... see the deer? 

And "my mountain" ...

By afternoon it cleared up and was a beautiful day...

One anniversary today, Ann and Gabe Ramirez (both LASD ret) .... HAPPY 26th  ANNIVERSARY KIDS!

and ....

Today is the birthday of my email friend, Mike Cipolla. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!! One of these days your bride Nan and I are going to have martinis!!!

Historically this date....
1911 – Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market in competition with the Ford Model T.

1913 – The United States introduces an income tax.

1957 – Sputnik program: The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 2. On board is the first animal to enter orbit, a dog named Laika.
...........poor pup!

And births this date include....
1933 – Ken Berry, American actor

1952 – Roseanne Barr, American actress and comedian

1953 – Kate Capshaw, American actress

1957 – Dolph Lundgren, Swedish actor
............oh noooooooooo, the blonde hair is gone! Darn!!
Congratulations to grandson Jackson and members of his school band, The Gabrielino Eagles Marching Regiment,  won 1st place in a band competition last week.

Congratulations to the Cubbies for winning their first World Series in 108 years. Cubs

Later it was chair, wine, and TV. I watched Bull, Code Black, and part of the World Series game. The Country Music Award show was disgusting, and I have always been a country music fan. Sorry. Not for me to watch those idiots any more. The newer generation is off the track!  

All I know. Nuff said. Happy TBT. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
November 3rd
Sandwich Day