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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Deer ~ Golden Gate Bridge ~ Taquaria La Guacamaya for Jen's Birthday ~ ESPY ~ Joe Terror ~ David & Nancy Perry ~ Eye Colors

Good 48º clear sunny morning. Hit 92º yesterday and today will be warmer, because the Jackson Co Fair is opening! Go to the fair and melt!

Yesterday out back was this doe enjoying a snack and some water...

Some information about the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate strait, the 1 mile wide, 1.7 mile long channel between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The bridge links the city of San Francisco  to Marin County on U.S. 101 and California Route 1 across the strait. It was declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World. It was built starting in 1933 and ending in 1937.
In 2007 Deputies On The Go had a cruise from San Francisco to Canada. Leaving SF we went under the G G Bridge. I took this....

Yesterday early evening I met Brian, Jen, Tucker, Sami, and Jack at Taqueria la Guacamaya in Rogue River,  to celebrate Jen's birthday. I had called Julio earlier to secure a window table for us. When Brian Jen and kids had been in So. Cal recently they went to Olvera Street. Brian got Julio a shirt:

I had a Margarita, Jen had a Sangria...

My dinner was fish tacos.... MMMMMMM....

I got Tucker and Sami something new to play with, they are sticker books and you make pictures with the stickers. Keeps them very busy!

When dinner was done Julio and the waitress sang the traditional Mexican birthday song to Jen while other diners joined in...

I have been cleaning out "stuff" lately and had a number of wide mouth pint canning jars. 
Since Julio serves his Margaritas in those jars I took them to him.

Just a heads up, tonight are the ESPY Awards (Excellence In Sports Performance Yearly) and my Tom Brady has been nominated for Best Championship Performance (in the Super Bowl 2016!). YEAH Tommy!!!! And his coach Bill Belichick has been nominated for Best Record Breaking Performance (most Super Bowl wins by head coach)

Show info:

Special birthday today, Joe Terror husband of the legendary Linda Watterlond. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!

Today is also pals, Dave and Nancy Perry's 38th Wedding Anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS!!

Historically this date...............
1804 – Former United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton dies a day after being shot in a duel.

1917 – The Bisbee Deportation occurs as vigilantes kidnap and deport nearly 1,300 striking miners and others from Bisbee, Arizona.
 .... Interesting, as my mother lived in Bisbee at the time. She was 12 and my grandfather was a mining engineer at the Lavendar Pit Mine. Never heard this discussed.

1962 – The Rolling Stones perform their first ever concert, at the Marquee Club in London.

2007 – U.S. Army Apache helicopters perform air strikes in BaghdadIraq; footage from the cockpit is later leaked to the Internet.

And births this date include....
1854 – George Eastman, American inventor (d. 1932)

Thank God for George, or what would I take pictures with???
This was my first camera...


1864 – George Washington Carver, American botanist (d. 1943)

Yeah George....peanut butter is one of my favorite foods!!! Thanks!
Wow, two Georges inventing two of my favorite things!

1908 – Milton Berle, American comedian (d. 2002)

1948 – Richard Simmons, American fitness trainer
......... OB!

1951 – Brian Grazer, American film producer
.....somebody ought to buy this dingbat a hairbrush!

1951 – Cheryl Ladd, American actress

1957 – Rick Husband, American astronaut (d. 2003)

Later it was home, chair, wine, TV and nap!

Yesterday Jen Tucker and Sami took Jack to explore the Oregon Caves. Today they are going to Crater Lake. He's getting the full Nickel Tour!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Hump Day. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 12th
Different Colored Eyes Day

Different Colored Eyes Day has two reasons to celebrate.  First of all, it celebrates diversity of eye color. Wouldn't the world be boring, if everyone had the same color of eyes?
Secondly, it recognizes an eye condition called Heterochromia. People who have this trait,  have two different colors of eyes. One eye may be brown, while the other is blue.  Famous people who have Heterochromia include David Bowie, Jane Seymour, and Christopher Walken.
Your eyes are an important part of your appearance. They are also important in communications. When you look into your lover's eyes, you need to like what you see. Making "eye contact" just wouldn't be the same without different colored eye. Isn't it great that we have a variety of eye colors to set us apart from one another?
Eye colors include:
Shades of brown
Shades of blue
Shades of green
Gray ('grey' is British English and 'gray' is American English!)
Celebrate Different Colored Eyes Day by taking particular notice of the eye colors of everyone you see.

** Mine are hazel. What color are yours???