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Thursday, October 4, 2018

10-4 ~ Sky ~ Throw Back Thursday ~ Attorney/Beauty Salon ~ Picture of the Day ~ Largest & Tallest Municipal Building in the US ~ EASY Slow Cooker Turkey ~ Becky Lundell ~ Rain ~ Dinner ~ National Taco Day

Good 49º cloudy morning.
Yesterday it started off with a few clouds...........
Then off and on all day the clouds built up..... 
We topped at 82º.
So, did everyone get that TEST alert from the President at 18 minutes after the hour yesterday morning? Here it was 11:18 in this time zone. It was loud and made me jump! 😁

10-4 is radio code for "acknowledged"... or gotcha good buddy!

Throw Back Thursday...
1983... Jerry teaching Brian how to weld....

Yesterday I went to my attorney to get my updated health care directive. Craig Monan is sooooo nice, he didn't even charge me anything for the update. Then I went to a local beauty salon to find out about a haircut. Unfortunately Leah, who has been my go to hair girl forever is having some health issues and maybe needs surgery so she can't work at the present time. DANG! But, I talked to Cindy at Perceptions Salon,
 super nice, and she knows Leah and likes her a lot. So.... I have an appointment for Cindy to cut my hair next week. 

Picture of the Day...
Evolution of the New York skyline.... 

Interesting about largest and tallest municipal building in the US....
Philadelphia’s City Hall stands at 548 feet. While the Washington Monument is a masonry structure that stands at 555 feet, 5 inches, it is not habitable. City Hall’s granite and brick walls are as thick as 22 ft.  and the exterior includes granite, limestone, and marble. It was constructed over 30 years, between 1871 and 1901, at a cost of $24 million.
With nine floors and nearly 700 rooms, City Hall is the largest municipal building in the world. It is home to for all three branches of government, including the mayor’s office (executive branch), City Council (legislative), and a large part of the city and county judiciary. While the city and county of Philadelphia are separate political entities, they occupy the exact same acreage.
From 1894 until 1908, it was the tallest habitable building in the world. All of the previous buildings to hold this distinction—including Europe’s cathedrals and the Great Pyramid at Giza—had been religious; Philadelphia City Hall was the first secular building to bear that title.
Philadelphia City Hall was designated a National Historical Landmark in 1976 and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, by the American Society of Civil Engineers, in 2006. It won 21st place on the American Institute of Architects’ list of America’s 150 favorite US structures, in 2007. It was nearly demolished in the 1950’s, but the cost of tearing it down would have bankrupted the city.

Ok, here is a crockpot turkey recipe that was my sister Marion's. EASY. Great for any time of year...
3 pound boneless turkey breast
1 can whole cranberry sauce
1 envelope dry onion soup mix
½ cup orange juice
Mix cranberries and onion soup mix. Pour the orange juice in the crockpot. Put turkey breast in crockpot. Slather on the cranberry onion soup mix. Cook on low for 6-7 hours. 

If turkey breast is frozen, cook on high for 2 hours and then on low for 4-5.
I have made this a number of times and it's really GOOD!!!!

Special birthday today, high school pal Greg Lundell's bride Becky is celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!!

Historically this date...
1963 – Hurricane Flora, kills 6,000 in Cuba and Haiti.
1965 – Becoming the first Pope to ever visit the United States of America and the Western hemisphere, Pope Paul VI arrives in New York.

1988 – U.S. televangelist Jim Bakker is indicted for fraud.

And births this date include...

1895 – Buster Keaton, American comedian (d. 1966)

1923 – Charlton Heston, American actor (d. 2008)

Later dinner was some Schwans cod bites and a cheese stuffed roll. 

Suddenly just after 5pm the rain started POURING! OMGOSH it came down hard, but only lasted about 5 minutes.... you can see it rolling off the roof...
 Yes, our downed tree is still there. Soon as fire season is over and chain saws can be used again, Mike will be back to cut up the rest of the tree.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy TBT. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

National Taco Day is observed annually on October 4.  Tacos are loved and eaten by millions each day in either hard or soft shell with a variety of fillings.
The history of tacos predates the arrival of Europeans in Mexico. Anthropological evidence shows the native people living in the lake region of the Valley of Mexico traditionally ate tacos filled with small fish.  At the time of the Spanish conquistadors, Bernal Diaz del Castillo documented the first taco feast enjoyed by Europeans.  This meal was arranged by Hernan Cortes for his captains in Coyoacan. It is unclear why the Spanish used the word taco to describe this native food.  One suggested origin is the word ataco, meaning stuff or to stuff.
In 1964, Roberto L. Gomez established The National Taco Council. The council sent a 55-pound taco to President Johnson in 1967.
Many restaurants offer specials for National Taco Day.
Go out for tacos or make them at home. There are many traditional varieties of tacos.  

I don't know if they still are.... but King Taco at 3rd and Ford Streets in ELA was the BEST!!