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Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Smilebox ~ Amazing Sky ~ 5 Fiber Foods ~ Martini ~ Couscous Mix ~ American Eagle Day

Good 46º clear sunny morning. Will be warmer today. I know Southern California and east are suffering in super hot weather. We hit 79º yesterday. Should be in the 80ºs today.

Yesterday, Father's Day, I took treated Brian and family, Jen Tucker & Sami at Taprock for brunch... Joining us was Jen's mom Jean and Karl, a friend of Brian's. Here is a Smilebox of the pictures: (I put a picture of the raccoons at Taprock and the caption says "bears from the bear hotel".... I got ahead of myself and the bears are after the raccoons!)
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When I came home the sky was amazing...

Ok, here is 5 more of those fiber filled foods you need to eat:

6. Raspberries

A cup of these has a whopping 8 g of fiber, and just 65 calories. Plus they are naturally low in sugar.

7. Avocado

A whole avocado packs 9.2 g of fiber, which basically is the best excuse ever to eat more avocado toast!

8. Brussels sprouts

A cup of these has 4 g of fiber. But, cook them up with some bacon and you'll probably eat more than a cup!

9. Quinoa

A cup of cooked quinoa has 5.2 g of fiber which makes a GREAT substitute for regular rice.
A great 'fried rice' recipe substituting quinoa:

10. Artichokes

A medium sized artichoke has 7 g of fiber, while a cup of artichoke hearts has 9.6 g!

Historically this date....

1893 – Lizzie Borden is acquitted of the murders of her father and stepmother.

And births this date include....

1924 – Audie Murphy, American Medal of Honor recipient and actor (d. 1971)

1928 – Martin Landau, American actor

1933 – Danny Aiello, American actor

1942 – Brian Wilson, American musician (The Beach Boys)

the 'Brian' my son was named after!

Later, since it was National Martini Day I had one... a dirty martini with Dirty Sue olive juice and some pickled asparagus..... Mmmmmmmm....

Dinner was couscous, a can of clams, chopped celery and sweet peppers, and ricotta cheese...

Everything went into the rice cooker with water and the clam juice...

Easy peezy, push the 'start' button and when it's done it shuts off and stays on 'warm' until you are ready to eat. I topped it with some roasted garlic salt and pepper.... OMGOOOOOD!!!!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 20th
American Eagle Day