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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Storm ~ PTSD ~ Picture of the Day ~ 6 Cars That Are Not Made Anymore ~ Stuffed Baked Potatoes Mexican Style ~ Gerard DeRuyte ~ National Tater Day

Good 47º raining morning. 

As for that severe rain storm that was predicted, we started getting a tiny amount of rain yesterday about 8am....Then sunshine between the clouds. Then it poured rain on and off all day and rained during the night last night. Still raining. We have over 1/2" so far. 

Brian and I were having a chat about this cabin fever so many are experiencing because of the virus. I told him I had read that a number of folks are getting depressed and some with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I changed it to Pitiful Temporary Social Disorder!

Picture of the Day .... perfect timing

Interesting... 6 cars that are not made anymore...
Studebaker was an American wagon and automobile manufacturer based in South Bend, Indiana. Founded in 1852 and incorporated in 1868 as the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company, the firm was originally a producer of wagons, buggies, carriages and harnesses. Studebaker continued to manufacture other diversified products after automobile production ceased in 1966.

Here are 5 more popular car brands that are no longer made...

Let’s kick things off with the company that gave us the Pacer, the Gremlin, and the Hornet. American Motor Corporation was established in 1954 through the merger of Hudson Motor Car Company and Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, making it the biggest corporate merger in the United States at the time. Unfortunately, as the automotive industry became more competitive, the company was unable to keep up and it eventually folded. The most well-known AMC model was the Javelin, which was produced between 1967 and 1974. AMC made the Javelin to compete against the Ford Mustang.

The 1960s were the glory years for Plymouth, thanks to insane muscle machines like the Road Runner (the horn really did go “meep meep!” when you pressed it), the Cuda, and GTX. Based in the United States, Plymouth was established in 1928 as the first brand under Chrysler Corporation to enter the low-priced market. Despite their lower cost, Plymouth vehicles had standard features that some of the competition didn’t have. By the 1990s, however, many Plymouth models overlapped in price and features with Dodge and Eagle models. After Daimler-Benz AG bought Chrysler Corporation in 1998, Plymouth became defunct in 2001.The most successful Plymouth model was the Duster, which was produced from 1969 to 1976.

AM General, the maker of the military Humvee, first established the Hummer brand in 1992 to offer civilians a version of the M998 Humvee. General Motors bought the brand name in 1998 and produced the H1, H2 and H3 models. The huge Hummer brand could not survive the Recession, and as part of a bankruptcy deal for GM, the brand was discontinued. However, in early 2020, GM announced that it would design and release an electric pickup under the Hummer name.

Founded in Sweden in 1945 by Saab AB, the Saab Automobile AB brand was very loved around the world and still has a cult following. Following one merger in 1968, General Motors took 50 percent ownership of the company in 1990 and then became the full owner in 2000. The company was sold again in 2010 to Spykers N.V. After insolvency problems in 2011, the company filed for bankruptcy, and the Saab brand became inactive. In 2012, National Electric Vehicle Sweden purchased the bankrupt estate. However, the new company doesn't have the necessary licensing to actually produce cars under the Saab brand.

Pontiac gave us cars like the Trans Am, GTO, and Grand Prix. General Motors created the Pontiac brand in 1926 as a companion to its more upscale Oakland brand. Pontiacs became more popular and entirely replaced the Oakland brand entirely by 1933. Marketed as a performance brand, Pontiac specialized in mainstream vehicles. However, financial problems and restructuring efforts at General Motors in early 2009 led to the brand being completely shut down by October 2010. The last Pontiac badged cars were built in December 2009, with one final vehicle in January 2010.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes Mexican Style 

6 large baking potatoes
3 T olive oil
3/4 cup sour cream
1 1/2 cups shredded pepper-jack cheese
2 11oz cans Mexican style corn, drained
2 4oz cans chopped green chile peppers, drained

Preheat oven to 400º.

Pierce each potato several times, rub generously with oil, bake about 45-55 minutes, until softened.

Meanwhile in medium bowl combine sour cream, cheese, corn, and chiles.
When potatoes are cooked, cut slit in top of each and squeeze or scoop out the flesh, leaving 1/2" thick shell.

Combine the potato flesh with the cheese mixture, mix well. Spoon the mixture back into the shells and place on baking sheet.

Bake 15 minutes, until cheese is melted and golden brown.

Special birthday today, my neighbor Gerard DeRuyte is celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY!! xo   Gerry with his bride Maria:


Historically this date....
1889 – The Eiffel Tower is officially opened.

1918 – Daylight saving time goes into effect in the United States for the first time.

1930 – The Motion Pictures Production Code is instituted, imposing strict guidelines on the treatment of sexcrimereligion and violence in film, in the U.S., for the next thirty eight years.

1951 – Remington Rand delivers the first UNIVAC I computer to the United States Census Bureau.

1992 – The USS Missouri, the last active United States Navy battleship, is decommissioned in Long Beach, California.

And births this date include....
1929 – Liz Claiborne, Belgian-American fashion designer (d. 2007)

1934 – Richard Chamberlain, American actor

1934 – Shirley Jones, American singer and actress (The Partridge Family)

1935 – Herb Alpert, American trumpeter and band leader

1943 – Christopher Walken, American actor

1945 – Gabe Kaplan, American actor and comedian

1948 – David Eisenhower, American author and professor
.....David and Julie Nixon Eisenhower...

1948 – Rhea Perlman, American actress

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

If you like your spuds, National Tater Day on March 31st is for you! The day recognizes all kinds of potatoes which provide us with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
Potatoes are quite versatile, which might explain why so many people like them. They are the number one consumed vegetable in the United States. And when you consider how many ways we can eat the over 200 different kinds of potatoes in the United States, you shouldn’t be surprised.
First off, we can bake them. Who doesn’t like a baked potato? Sit down in back. Plus those baked potatoes? You can bake them twice with all sorts of delicious toppings. Twice! Secondly, we can boil them. And from the boiled potatoes we can make soups, salads or make one of the world’s all-time favorite potato dishes – mashed potatoes. And did you know, mashed potatoes have numerous different recipes, too? You can’t have shepherd’s pie without mashed potatoes. Dice them and slice them and we can make scalloped, fried or even hashbrowns. And then, of course, there’s potato dumplings and pancakes. 
Beyond all the ways we can use potatoes, this day may have originally had a different meaning.  At the beginning of April, there is a celebration of the sweet potato (Tater Day) in parts of Kentucky. Sweet potatoes are one of the main cash crops in that area. Tater Day started way back in the early 1840s with the trading and selling of sweet potatoes. It is the oldest continuous trade day in the United States.
Worldwide, there are more than four thousand potato varieties
Since the time potatoes were shipped from Europe to the colonies in the early 17th century, their consumption has been a major part of the North American diet.



Monday, March 30, 2020

Rain ~ Picture of the Day ~ Orca Whales ~ Olive Garden Copycat Salad ~ National Doctors Day

Good 44º dark cloudy morning. 

The severe rain storm that was predicted to start last night hasn't happened yet. 

Picture of the Day....

Interesting about Orcas....

The orca is commonly known as the killer whale. In fact, this beautiful creature is the largest dolphin in the dolphin family.
Dolphins and whales are closely related. Orcas were given the name ‘killer whale’ by ancient sailors’ observations of groups of orcas hunting and preying on larger whale species.
Looking at all populations, orcas are generalist eaters, consuming fish, seals and sea lions, dolphins and porpoises, sharks and rays, large whales, cephalopods (octopods and squids), seabirds and more.

Orcas sleep in a very different way to humans. We have a breathing reflex and when we sleep or become unconscious, we continue to breath automatically. Orcas cannot sleep in this way, they have to remain conscious, even when they are sleeping! This is because their breathing is not automatic - they have to actively decide when to breath, and so they must be conscious even when sleeping.
To get around this, orcas only allow one half of their brains to sleep at a time; the other half stays alert enabling them to continue breathing whilst looking out for dangers in the environment. They only close one eye when they sleep; the left eye will be closed when the right half of the brain sleeps, and vice versa.
In orca populations, knowledge is passed down to younger individuals from their elders – what to eat and were to find it, how to catch it, who to avoid, vocalisations and calls unique to pods and family groups, and the distinct ‘accent’ of the population.
More Info: 

From The Slow Roasted Italian....
Olive Garden Salad is so amazing you may eat the salad and skip the meal. Now you can make your own salad dressing copycat recipe at home. A crisp salad with a tart, sweet and cheesy dressing will keep you coming back for more!


  • 3 romaine lettuce hearts, washed and chopped
  • 1/2 red onion, sliced
  • 2 Roma tomatoes, sliced
  • 4 pickled Pepperoncini
  • 10 large pitted olives
  • 1/2 cup seasoned croutons
  • 1/4 cup fresh shredded Parmesan cheese
Olive Garden House Dressing Copycat
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 3 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons extra light tasting olive oil (or other neutral oil)
  • 2 tablespoon fresh grated Romano cheese
  • 1/2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  1. In the bowl of a blender, combine dressing ingredients and blend until smooth.  Place in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
  2. In a large salad bowl, layer salad ingredients in order beginning with lettuce.  Pour salad dressing over salad and toss to combine.
  3. Serve and enjoy!


  1. If you prefer dressing to be yellow in color (like the original) add pinches of turmeric until it reaches the desired shade (thanks to a reader for the tip). I left it out in the above photo.

Historically this date.......
1842 – Ether anesthesia is used for the first time, in an operation by the American surgeon Dr. Crawford Long.

1867 – Alaska is purchased from Russia for $7.2 million, about 2 cent/acre ($4.19/km²), by United States Secretary of State William H. Seward.

And births this date include....
1853 – Vincent van Gogh, Dutch painter (d. 1890)

1926 – Peter Marshall, American game show host

1930 – John Astin, American actor

1957 – Paul Reiser, American actor

1965 – Piers Morgan, British journalist and television personality
    YUCK... creep!

1968 – Celine Dion, Canadian singer

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

On March 30th each year, National Doctors Day honors the professionals for their dedication and contributions to society and the community. Their dedication puts the patient first time and again. On National Doctors Day, we say “thank you” to our physicians for all that they do for us and our loved ones.
Healthcare today is more complex than ever. With more advancements, tools and information at their fingertips doctors have an overwhelming job to diagnose and treat their patients every day. This is the day to honor the men and women who see us 365 days a year. In every city and hospital, in our military and in our rural communities, doctors pave the way to better healthcare for their patients. 


Take the opportunity to thank your physician for responding to late-night phone calls, working long hours and providing unswerving care. Today, more than ever, we know the sacrifices they make to put the health of their communities first. 


March 30, 1933, was the first observance of Doctors Day in Winder, Georgia.   Dr. Charles B. Almond’s wife, Eudora Brown Almond, wanted to have a day to honor physicians.  On this first day in 1933, greeting cards were mailed and flowers placed on the graves of deceased doctors.  The red carnation is commonly used as the symbolic flower for National Doctors Day.
The first ether anesthetic for surgery was administered by Crawford W. Long, M.D. on March 30, 1842, marking the date for Doctors Day.  On that day, before Dr. Long operated to remove a tumor from a man’s neck, he administered ether anesthesia.  Following surgery, the man would swear that he felt nothing during the surgery and was not aware of anything until he awoke.
On February 21, 1991, President George H.W. Bush proclaimed National Doctors Day to honor the Nation’s physicians for their dedication and leadership. Today, hundreds of thousands of doctors lead the fight against disease and illness in the United States. They specialize and continue to seek advanced treatments and cures for debilitating conditions.