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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Police Stop ~ Maple Bacon Salted Caramels ~ First Date 1974 ~ Freedom for Bull ~ Quinoa & Turkey Meatballs ~ White and Red Clam Chowder

Good 35º cloudy morning. A few sprinkles of rain late yesterday and now there is a bit more of snow on my mountain.

Just read about a man held at gunpoint by police because a passerby saw him putting kids into the trunk of his car.

He was driving a Tesla that looked like this one.
But......... he was released and not charged when the police discovered the "trunk" has rear facing seats!

Ya just never know!

Ok, THE BEST candy caramels I have EVER had are Maple Bacon Salted Caramels. I bought them some time ago at a Hallmark store. They are sold on line by the manufacturer:

Yesterday stayed  cold and gloomy. Sigh... So I worked more on my taxes. Joy.

On this date in 1974 Jerry and I had our first date. He took me to a restaurant in Hastings Village (Foothill Blvd East Pasadena) which is now Panera Bread, but for the life of me can't remember the name back then. We were never separated from that date. We fell in love instantly! A couple months later he moved in with me and we married in June 1975. 

Historically this date............

1919 – Oregon places a 1 cent per U.S. gallon tax on gasoline, becoming the first U.S. state to levy a gasoline tax.

1932 – Adolf Hitler obtains German citizenship by naturalization, which allows him to run in the 1932 election for Reichspräsident.

1964 – Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston, Ali took the title.

1991 – Gulf War: An Iraqi scud missile hits an American military barracks in DhahranSaudi Arabiakilling 28 U.S. Army Reservists from Pennsylvania.
.........Rest in peace soldiers. God Bless you.

And births this date include...
1913 – Jim Backus, American actor (d. 1989)

1929 – Christopher George, American actor (d. 1983)

1938 – Diane Baker, American actress

1943 – George Harrison, English singer and guitarist, member of The Beatles (d. 2001)

1971 – Sean Astin, American actor

This is awesome.... a bull who had been chained up his whole life is set free and what he does is such fun... I had happy tears!

Later for dinner I cooked some quinoa in the rice cooker along with some garlic, butter, and mushrooms.

Then I heated some turkey meatballs and the other 3 of the Veggie cakes in the microwave.

Put everything in the Crock Pot on warm. Topped it all with grated cheese....

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 25th
National Clam Chowder Day

Boston (as they say back there "Bass-ten") calls it "Cuppachowda" !! Ya gots to have the Bassten accent down right!
There are basically two types of clam chowder... the white chowder (Boston style) and the red chowder (Manhattan style)