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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Back From "Project" .....

Hello everyone, or should I say, ALOHA !! I am back. My "project" was 6 days at the Aulani  Disney Resort on Oahu with my son Brian, his wife Jen, and their Tucker and Sami, along with  Jen's mom Jean, and Jen's cousin Marie and her  boyfriend Brad.

So many activities. Such fun. Good food. More later with Smileboxes of my photos. I have 806 photos to go through. Still recovering from the flights home. We left Honolulu Airport on Monday night at 10:30pm (that would be 1:30am pacific time) ... 4 hour flight to San Francisco. Then a 3 hour wait and an hour flight to Medford. I got home at 11am pacific time Tuesday. So, with a couple short naps on the plane, I was awake for basically 36 hours. Slept good last night and didn't get up til 8:30am!!!
I picked up Dude and Bruiser from the kennel after I got home Tuesday and boy are they happy campers now!!!! YES. Mom is home and we can get back to normal activities! 

More later..... Aloha!
xo Sue Mom Bobo