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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13th

 Good clear sunny 42ยบ morning. 

My creek is dwindling down to a trickle....

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. We'll see....

I finally finished my taxes and now have to find all the forms and get them signed and in the mail. What a CHORE!!!! Then it's "catch up time". I miss doing my blog, and will start it up in earnest soon. Got more "stuff" to do first. 

On this day Dude became my pal and moved here 3 years ago. This dog has been such a wonderful addition. THANK YOU DAVE!!!!! 


It's also the day my Daddy died in 1991.  ♥♥

And on a happier note it's the birthday of two friends... Adelle (Easton) Graves..high school pal. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEL!!  
With her hubby Tom....

And the birthday of Rogue River friend Gary 'The BirdHouse Man' Atkinson. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!! 
With his sweet Katie...

All I know for now. Back to catching up. Have a great day!

xo Sue Mom Bobo
April 13th
National Peach Cobbler Day