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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bruiser AKA Casper ~ Errands & Subway ~ Omaha Order ~ Dude & Bruiser to Vets ~ Veggie Dinner ~ Hug Your Cat Day

Good 57º clear and sunny morning. We hit 97º yesterday and 103º is predicted for today. Joy.

Four years ago I posted this..... I called Bruiser "Casper" as he would show up to eat and then disappear......didn't know she was a he, either!:

Yesterday Harley wanted to go outside.... I reluctantly let him out the back door..he normally goes around the house, ends up on the front porch and wants in. I heard his weird howling and looked out to see 'Casper' and Harley face to face. I ran out and grabbed up Harley, as that young cat would tear up the old man! When I grabbed Harley he must have thought the other cat was attacking him and he screamed and claws were flying! OMG. 'Casper' hung out and had a bite to eat I set out for her in the bed of the golf cart. I managed to get a couple of pictures before she disappeared again....
I am so happy he's now Bruiser and spending time with me and his nights inside the house!

Yesterday morning I went into GP to take a flash drive and the old computer to Turk. He has the new one about done and wanted to transfer some of my stuff off the old one. Then to RR to get the gas can filled up. Was hungry so stopped at Subway for a flatbread breakfast sandwich with eggs, bacon, cheese, and bell pepper. OMGOOOOOD!!!!

And, OINK, I also got a "raspberry cheesecake" cookie! Then as I was leaving Subway, UPS Dave said he had something for me. It was my Omaha Steak order. He thought since I was heading home it was better the frozen items went with me instead of waiting later for him to deliver it.

This order has Triple Berry Tartlets

Cheddar Cheese Hash Browns

Chicken in Pastry

Salmon Filets

Sole Almondine

and 2 free Top Sirloin steaks!
Free shipping too. Except for the steaks and the salmon, everything else stays frozen, no thawing, and goes directly into the oven. Easy peezy!!

Historically this date...
1896Henry Ford completes the Ford Quadricycle, his first gasoline-powered automobile, and gives it a successful test run.

1939Holocaust: The MS St. Louis, a ship carrying 963 Jewish refugees, is denied permission to land in Florida, in the United States, after already being turned away fromCuba. Forced to return to Europe, more than 200 of its passengers later die in Naziconcentration camps.

1974 – During Ten Cent Beer Night, inebriated Cleveland Indians fans start a riot, causing the game to be forfeited to the Texas Rangers.

2004Marvin Heemeyer's eventually suicidal protest rampage with an improvised bulletproofed bulldozer destroys 13 buildings in Granby, Colorado, including the town hall.

Quite a mixed bag of births today... some good and a lot of very odd people!

Births include...
1907 – Rosalind Russell, American actress (d. 1976)

1924 – Dennis Weaver, American actor (d. 2006)

1926Robert Earl Hughes, American heaviest human being (d. 1958)

1936 – Bruce Dern, American actor (ewwwwww.)

1944Michelle Phillips, American singer-songwriter and actress (The Mamas & the Papas)

1952 – Parker Stevenson, American actor and director

1975Russell Brand, English comedian and actor
(another ewwwwww.....)

1975 – Angelina Jolie, American actress

1979Christopher Dorner, American police officer and murderer (d. 2013)

So at 2pm we had an appointment with the vet for Dude's shot and Bruiser's shot. Always a joy getting Bruiser into the carry cage. Not. The vet assistants came in and took their temperatures, heart beat, and then the vet, Dr. Dickey came in and gave them an exam and their shots. 

Bruiser gets nosey and has to check everything out!

Both of them are in great health and the vet was pleased.

Dinner was vegetables.... sauteéd mushrooms with some broccoli slaw, asparagus, and corn on the cob (slathered with Best Foods!). Hit the spot!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 4th
Hug Your Cat Day

Go ahead and give your cat a big, furry hug.

Cat lovers can really get into this day. If you're a cat lover, you can really appreciate the warm, cozy feeling you get when you curl up on a couch or chair, and hug your cat. The only problem is, your cat will most likely only allow a brief hug before sauntering away. If your cat is a true hugger, count your blessings.

Dog lovers...sorry, but hugging your dog will not suffice. If you are going to be "into" this day, you simply must hug a cat...your cat.
You don't have a cat? You can correct this today. The month of June is "Adopt a Cat Month".

*I told Dr. Dickey it was Hug Your Cat Day today and he knew that. I also told him yesterday was Donut Day and how I loved Krispy Kreme. He agreed and asked if I knew where the closest KK was. I said Stockton. He said, there is on in Beverton, Oregon, which is near Portland and closer than Stockton!!!