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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Putin vs Ovamit ~ Clouds ~ 918 ~ Dwayne Preimsberger ~ Steak Bites/Black Beans/Stuffed Baked Potato

Good 55º clear sunny morning.
Shared by pal George B:

Yesterday I putzed around with a bunch of boring stuff. Looked forward to wine/chair/TV time. Oh, and cooking something good for dinner!  
Stayed with a cloud cover all day ....  Top temp was 93º.

918 is one of our radio codes for Insane Person. And look who has a birthday today... Deeeeewayne Honneee Preimsberger (LASD ret)! HEY DWAYNE... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Preimsberger got that nickname after his birthday surprise a number of years ago when "Polly Darton" showed up and sang to him. She called him Deeewayne Honneee (with a Southern accent!).

Historically this date............
1793 – The first cornerstone of the Capitol building is laid by George Washington.

1895 – Daniel David Palmer gives the first chiropractic adjustment.
.... interesting read....

1947 – The United States Air Force becomes an independent branch of the United States armed forces.

1975 – Patty Hearst is arrested after a year on the FBI Most Wanted List.

2009 – The 72 year run of the soap opera The Guiding Light ends as its final episode is broadcast.

And births this date include...
1905 – Greta Garbo, Swedish actress (d. 1990)

1924 – J. D. Tippit, American police officer shot by Lee Harvey Oswald (d. 1963)

1933 – Robert Blake, American actor

1933 – Jimmie Rodgers, American singer and composer
.... lots of drama and problems in his life...

1939 – Frankie Avalon, American musician

1971 – Lance Armstrong, American cyclist

Dinner was Omaha Steaks stuffed baked potato, beef tenderloin pastry bites, and some of Trader Joe's Cuban black beans (beans, bell pepper, onion, garlic)
The filet mignon pastry bites come in a plastic tray that is oven proof. Since I cooked mine in the Air Fryer I cut the tray in half and only cooked 6 pieces. (works good with strong kitchen shears)

These beans are really good and need no additives~! They have black beans, green bell pepper, onion, and garlic.

Then I watched some TV and napped in my chair!
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
September 18th
National Cheeseburger Day

Top off America's favorite sandwich, with a piece of cheese.
The food industry makes it a point to celebrate a wide variety of foods. We believe the Cheeseburger certainly earns a special day.
Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day by firing up the grill, and cooking cheeseburgers. You can do so for lunch or dinner.... or both! Any kind of cheese will do. Try a different cheese, if your adventuresome. For the carb conscious, eat your burgers without the buns.

Watch for....... luncheon and dinner specials today at your local restaurants. Tops on the specials board certainly should be cheeseburgers!