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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Cold ~ Hand Warmers ~ Five Years Ago Snow ~ Picture of the Day ~ Collie Dogs ~ Easy Yummy Crab Cakes ~ Sally Harwell ~ So. Cal Rain Storm ~ The Whole 9 Yards ~ National Brownie Day

Good 36º nothing is frozen slightly foggy morning. Yeah! No ice!!
Yesterday it was sooooooooooo cold and stayed that way. By noon we had warmed to 36º. Then we zoomed to 43º! More clouds came in....
Thank goodness for hand warmers~!! I sure used some yesterday!

Five years ago today...........


Picture of the Day......
1955 The Mickey Mouse Club.....

Interesting about Collies...

Collies form a distinctive type of herding dogs, including many related landraces and standardised breeds. The type originated in Scotland and Northern England. Collies are medium-sized, fairly lightly built dogs, with pointed snouts. Many types have a distinctive white pattern over the shoulders. Collies are very active and agile, and most types of collies have a very strong herding instinct. Collie breeds have spread through many parts of the world (especially Australia and North America) and have diversified into many varieties, sometimes with mixture from other dog types. Some collie breeds have remained as working dogs, used for herding cattlesheep and other livestock, while others are kept as pets, show dogs or for dog sports, in which they display great agility, stamina and trainability. While the AKC has a breed they call "Collie", in fact collie dogs are a distinctive type of herding dog including many related landraces and formal breeds. There are usually major distinctions between show dogs and those bred for herding trials or dog sports. They typically display great agility, stamina and trainability and more importantly sagacity.
Common use of the name "collie" in some areas is limited largely to certain breeds – such as to the Rough Collie in parts of the United States, or to the Border Collie in many rural parts of Great Britain. Many collie types do not actually include "collie" in their name.
The exact origin of the name collie is uncertain; it may derive from the Scots word for 'coal'. Alternatively it may come from the related word coolly, referring to the black-faced mountain sheep of Scotland. The collie name usually refers to dogs of Scottish origin which have spread into many other parts of the world, often being called sheepdog or shepherd dog elsewhere.
Lassie was one of my most favorite TV shows.
I had a collie, she was Lucy. The sweetest dog ever!
Here is Lucy with the kids,,,,, Aaron, Kristen, Lincoln, Brian...

And loving with Jerry.....
About Timmy, played by Jon Provost...

Easy Yummy Crab Cakes....

1 cup mayonnaise
1 egg
1 T Dijon mustard
1 T. hot sauce
2 cloves garlic, minced
(I like to add a celery stock finely diced and a green onion, finely diced. You can also add 1/4 cup finely chopped parsley.)
1 t. seafood seasoning (Old Bay is good!)
1/4 t. salt
1/4 t. black pepper
3/4 cup bread crumbs
16 oz lump crab meat, canned or fresh
olive oil
In a large bowl whisk together mayonnaise, egg, mustard, hot sauce, garlic, seafood seasoning, salt and pepper. Gently stir in bread crumbs and crab until just combined. Form into crab cakes.
In large skillet over medium heat, heat 2 T olive oil. Sauté crab cakes 3-4 minutes each side until golden brown. Remove to platter and cover with foil to keep warm. Repeat with remaining cakes and add more oil as needed.
Special birthday today, Sally Harwell (LASD ret. former Marine) is celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALLY!

Sally with her granddaughter Sally Jr. ^
Sally and Jerry were in the same LASD academy class, #115

Historically this date.......
1941 – United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares December 7 to be "a date which will live in infamy", after which the U.S. and the Republic of China declare war against Japan.

1980 – John Lennon, an English musician and peace activist, is murdered by Mark David Chapman, a mentally unstable fan, in front of The Dakota apartment building inNew York City.


And births this date include...
1930 – Maximilian Schell, Austrian-born Swiss actor and film director (d.2014)

1933 – Flip Wilson, American comedian (d. 1998)
LOVED his Geraldine! Jerry could do it perfectly!

1936 – David Carradine, American actor (d. 2009)

1937 – James MacArthur, American actor (d. 2010)
The original 'Danno' on Five-O from 1968-1980. Jack Lord's partner. 

1953 – Kim Basinger, American actress
As a heavy storm continued to sweep through Southern California, a new rainfall record for the date has already been set in downtown Los Angeles.

The downtown area has seen 1.9 inches of rain in the current storm, according to the National Weather Service.

The previous record for this date was 1.01 inches set in 1997.

The storm has resulted in heavy flooding and evacuations throughout Southern California, especially in areas hard hit by the recent wildfires.
Pedestrians walk in the rain near downtown's LA's Walt Disney Concert Hall on 12-6

Another sayings origin from my friend Vivia....
During WWII, U.S. Airplanes were armed with belts of ammo, which they would shoot during dogfights and on strafing runs. These belts were folded into the wing compartments that fed their machine guns.

These belts measure 27 feet and contained hundreds of cartridges.
Often times, the pilots would return from their missions having expended all of their bullets on various targets. They  would say, "I gave them the whole nine yards," meaning they used up all of their  ammunition.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

Each year on December 8, brownie lovers across the nation enjoy one of their favorite baked goods on National Brownie Day.
Brownies were created in the United States at the end of the 19th century.  A cross between a cookie and cake, they soon became very popular across the country.
With the chocolate brownie being the favorite, the blonde brownie runs a close second.  A blonde brownie is made with brown sugar and no chocolate and is often called a blondie.
There was a request for a dessert for a group of ladies that would be attending a fair in the late 1800s.  They wanted a small cake-like dessert that could be eaten from a boxed lunch.  A Chicago chef, working at the Palmer House Hotel, created the first brownie for the ladies, which featured an apricot glaze and walnuts.  The Palmer House Hotel still serves their original recipe for brownies on their menu.
The earliest recipes for brownies comparable to those familiar to us today are found published in regional cookbooks and newspapers around the turn of the last century. The 1904 Laconia, NH Home Cookery, the 1904 Chicago, IL Service Club Cook Book, and an April 2, 1905, edition of The Boston Globe are three early examples. In 1906, Fannie Merritt Farmer published a recipe in an edition of The Boston Cooking School Cook Book.  
Three myths that have gained popularity over the years, regarding the creation of the brownie:
  • A chef accidentally added melted chocolate to biscuit dough.
  • A cook forgot to add flour to the batter.
  • A housewife did not have baking powder and improvised with this new treat.  The story tells that she was baking for guests and decided she would serve them these flattened cakes.
Try one of the following brownie recipes: