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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Burrrrrr..... ~ Clouds ~ Woodpeckers ~ Bruiser ~ Dude ~ 10 Codes ~ Pill Pockets ~ Jean Schumacher ~ Crockpot Turkey Breast

Good 30º clear ice on the barn roof morning.

Yesterday we stayed cloudy and we topped at 67º !

Up on my telephone/electric pole the woodpeckers were busy....

Bruiser was comfy on the porch glider....

And, Dude was laying in the grass.....

Well, since this is October, it's "10" month and that coincides with the 10 Codes from our LASD Radio Code Book.
10-1 Receiving poorly
10-2 Receiving well
10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Acknowledged (OK!)
10-5 Relay
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out of service

Yesterday my friend Wendy Harp (nurse and wife of former island Fire Captain, Rick) told me about Greenies Pill Pockets. Later I had talked to Kristen and she said she used them too for her pooch. 

I ordered some and they should be here tomorrow. They have them for pills and for capsules. I got both because Dude's meds are both. Hopefully they will work!

Today is a special birthday, my grandkid's (Tucker and Sami)  other Grandma... Grandma Jean. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEAN! Hope we can celebrate soon!

Historically this date...

1863 – The last Thursday in November is declared as Thanksgiving Day by PresidentAbraham Lincoln as are Thursdays, November 30, 1865 and November 29, 1866.

1951 – The "Shot Heard 'Round the World", one of the greatest moments in Major League Baseball history, occurs when the New York GiantsBobby Thomson hits a game winning home run in the bottom of the ninth inning off of the Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca, to win the National League pennant after being down 14 games.

1964 – First Buffalo Wings are made at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York.

1995 – O. J. Simpson is acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

And births this date include...
1900 – Thomas Wolfe, American writer (d. 1938)

1925 – Gore Vidal, American author (d. 2012)


1935 – Charles Duke, American astronaut

1941 – Chubby Checker, American singer-songwriter

1954 – Stevie Ray Vaughan, American blues musician (d. 1990)


Ok, here is a crockpot turkey recipe that was my sister Marion's. EASY. Great for any time of year...

3 pound boneless turkey breast
1 can whole cranberry sauce
1 envelope dry onion soup mix
½ cup orange juice

Mix cranberries and onion soup mix. Pour the orange juice in the crockpot. Put turkey breast in crockpot. Slather on the cranberry onion soup mix. Cook on low for 6-7 hours.

If turkey breast is frozen, cook on high for 2 hours and then on low for 4-5.
I have made this a number of times and it's really GOOD!!!!

Later the news was just sad. The horror in Las Vegas was upsetting. Law enforcement and fire off duty personnel... 2 from LASD, 2 from Los Angeles Fire Dept, 1 from LAPD, 2 from Newport Beach including an off-duty officer,  and an Orange County Deputy were all wounded. Prayers for their families and friends.

Ok, so wine and then dinner.... chicken egg rolls from Schwans with sweet chili sauce..

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
October 3rd
Techies Day

Techies Day is your chance to give your friendly technician(s) some well deserved appreciation. The office tech maybe a geek, but when your PC goes down, or gets a virus, that geek is invaluable. He's on top of his trade, and can get your system back up and running faster than you can say "gigabyte"! Not to be left out... this day is for all technicians, not just computer techies. There are many highly skilled technical obs out there that demand high quality people to assess equipment of all kinds. Let's give a big hand and thanks to all techies.
Thanks Turk for all you have done for my computers!