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Monday, April 26, 2021

Weather ~ Picture of the Day ~ Friendship Maine ~ Bacon 'n Fried Chicken Wafflewich ~ National Audubon Day


Good 40º cloudy morning. 
Yesterday started with rain and gloom...

We got quite a bit of rain. Some of it pouring down hard. We topped at 55º.
Picture of the Day... Capitol Records Building at Hollywood and Vine in 1962...

To read about this building, go here:
Interesting odd named town of Friendship Maine......

Friendship (formerly known as Meduncook) is a town in Knox CountyMaine, United States. It is 31 miles southeast of Augusta. The population was 1,152 at the 2010 census.

Abenaki Native Americans called it Meduncook, meaning "bay at the end of the sandbar." Part of the Waldo Patent, it was first settled in 1750. A garrison was built on Garrison Island, which connects to the mainland at low tide. By 1754, 22 families lived in Meduncook, most taking shelter within the garrison when the French and Indian War broke out.

During the French and Indian War, the community was raided twice. The first attack was from the Abenaki just after sunrise on May 22, 1758. They killed and scalped Joshua and Hannah Bradford and their infant son Winslow. An original settler from Kingston, Massachusetts and great-grandson of Governor William Bradford, he had remained in his house, believing it close enough to the garrison that his family could flee there when necessary. But while pounding corn, the Bradfords missed hearing the garrison's alarm gun. Five of their children managed to escape their pursuers into the fort, but two of their sons Cornelius (21) and Joshua (12) were captured and carried to Canada.


After trying to lay siege to Thomaston, Maine in September 1758, a party of Native Americans and Acadians under the command of French Officer Boishebert raided the village. Eight British were captured or killed.


On February 25, 1807, Meduncook Plantation was incorporated as Friendship. By 1859, when the population was 691, the village had two shipbuilders, two gristmills, one shingle mill and three sawmills. By 1880, when the population was 938, other manufactures included sailscarriagesboots and shoes. But boat building remained the dominant industry in town, which became famous for producing the Friendship Sloop, a gaff-rigged sailboat designed for lobstering and fishing. Each summer the town hosts the Friendship Sloop Races.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 31.37 square miles, of which 14.10 square miles of it is alnd and 17.27 square miles is water. Located on a peninsula that projects into the Gulf of Maine, Friendship lies between Muscongus Bay and the Friendship River. It includes several islands, the largest of which is Friendship Long Island (or Meduncook Island). 

If you want to read more, go here:



From Mr. Food


If you're a fan of chicken and waffles then we've got a stress-free way to make dinner that uses your favorite frozen breaded chicken tenders from the freezer aisle! This recipe is also versatile because you can make it in the oven, or in an air fryer! Everyone will love our Bacon 'n' Fried Chicken Wafflewich as a hearty twist on a classic favorite!


  • 8 slices crispy bacon
  • 8 frozen breaded chicken breast tenders
  • 8 frozen waffles, toasted according to package directions
  • Maple syrup for drizzling


  1. In a large skillet, over medium heat cook bacon until crispy. Remove to a paper towel lined plate. 
  2. Meanwhile, heat the breaded chicken tenders according to the package instructions. 
  3. Place two slices of bacon on each of four waffles. Top each with two chicken breast tenders, drizzle with syrup, and top with remaining waffles.

*****If you love the taste of homemade waffles, feel free to make them and pop them in the freezer, so you can make this whenever you get the hankerin’ for some true comfort eatin’. When you’re ready to use ‘em, simply pop them in the toaster, just like the store-bought ones. The cool thing about this is it costs less than 50¢ to make 8 homemade waffles.

Historically this date......
1944 – Georgios Papandreou becomes head of the Greek government-in-exile based in Egypt.

1962 – NASA's Ranger 4 spacecraft crashes into the Moon.

1981 – Dr. Michael R. Harrison of the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center performs the world's first human open fetal surgery.

1986 – A nuclear reactor accident occurs at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Soviet Union (now Ukraine), creating the world's worst nuclear disaster.

2018 – American comedian Bill Cosby is found guilty of sexual assault.

And births this date include...
1900 – Charles Richter, American geophysicist (d. 1985)

1933 – Carol Burnett, American comedian
Carol lived with her mother in Hollywood on Cherokee Avenue in a brownstone between Hollywood Boulevard and Yucca. My grandmother and aunt lived a block over on Whitley Avenue. Didn't know Carol (she wasn't famous yet) but probably had walked past her apartment building a bunch of times.

1938 – Duane Eddy, American musician

1942 – Bobby Rydell, American singer
1970 – Melania Trump, Slovene-American model; 47th First Lady of the United States

All I know. Nuff said. Have a good Monday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

On April 26th each year, National Audubon Day honors the birth of John James Audubon (April 26, 1785 – January 27, 1851).

Audubon was a French-American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter noted for his extensive studies of American birds and his detailed illustrations of the birds in their natural habitats. Audubon’s greatest work was The Birds of America which is considered one of the finest ornithological works ever completed. His work in this book contains more than 700 North American bird species with 435 hand-colored, life-size prints of 497 bird species.

Spring is an excellent time to observe the birds John Audubon described and painted. As they migrate across the country, set out feeders to welcome them along their journey. Watch them from your window or while strolling on a path.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, at last count approximately 45 million people watch birds. They bird watch while they travel or all year long from their homes. Many trek around the country to see a bird for the first time in its natural habitat. So can you. Learn about their habitats and migration patterns. Or simply watch them for their color and song. 


Grab the binoculars, the bird book, and see how many birds you can identify. Join local bird watching groups for tips and ideas. 



The National Audubon Society sponsors National Audubon Day.