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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Laney Honey ~ JD Bacon Salt ~ Dave Smail ~ Pet Duck ~ Skateboarder Crash ~ Hill-Liary High School ~ Cat Lady ~ Waffle Iron

Good 52º clear sunny morning. Again, another 94º yesterday.
Yesterday breakfast was a warmed cinnamon raisin muffin with butter and Laney honey, two hard boiled eggs with bacon salt, and some decadent whipped cream topped coffee!

 The honey is Laney Honey (cousins of mine, Dave Laney and his daughter Linda, and the BEST honey ever!) back in Indiana.

Here is a short video of their production...

And the two hard boiled eggs with Bacon Salt..

The honey can be purchased from the Laney website. The salt can be purchased from the JD website or Amazon. If you have free shipping with Amazon it's cheaper.
Shared by Sally Harper....  LOL!

Special birthday today... David Smail (LASD ret) ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE! 

This was at the LASD Reunion in Laughlin this past April. Dave was one of  "our kids" and a Sheriff's Dept Explorer Scout when Jerry worked at Temple Station. This program is for boys and girls 14-20 years old :

Historically this date....
1974 – Mikhail Baryshnikov defects from the Soviet Union to Canada while on tour withBolshoi Ballet.

1995 – The Sampoong Department Store collapses in the Seocho-gu district of Seoul,South Korea, killing 501 and injuring 937.

2006 – Hamdan v. Rumsfeld: The U.S. Supreme Court rules that President George W. Bush's plan to try Guantanamo Bay detainees in military tribunals violates U.S. and international law.

2007 – Apple Inc. releases its first mobile phone, the iPhone.

2012 – A derecho (wind storm!) strikes the eastern United States, leaving at least 22 people dead and millions without power.

And births this date..
1919 – Slim Pickens, American actor (d. 1983)

1944 – Gary Busey, American actor  (PIG!!!! CREEP!!!)

1962 – George D. Zamka, American colonel, pilot, and

Pal Ike Saben (LASD ret) sent this. I LOVE it. What a great story of a little girl and her pet duck. Put a smile on my face!!!
Later I went into RR to drop some "stuff" at Goodwill. Then to Grants Pass to take the Crock*Pot to Leah. I told her I had my casserole crock that I use all the time now and don't need the big one. She wanted it. Also Leah got some of the wine glasses. Then to Safeway for groceries...

When I got off the freeway heading into GP there was a young man just getting on his skateboard and heading down the hill the same as me.
(I didn't take this picture.. it was on Google Earth) As he headed under the overpass he hit a bump and went flying head over heels! I stopped immediately and asked if he was OK. He said he was, and I said, "Are you sure? I'll give you a ride." He said he was sure. OMGOSH! What a jolt for him!

At Leah's salon there was a lady and we started talking. She said something about Hillary and I made a face and a remark. She smiled, high fived, and totally agreed. She had gone to the same high school with Hill-liary and said several things about her character.... back then. She was spoiled rich, acted like she was a total bitch, entitled, self-centered, etc. What a surprise!
Back when she was young she went from being Republican to Democrat.
Then at Safeway my "cat purse" got a conversation started with a lady.
(That purse always gets people's attention and garners comments!) This lady showed me a picture of her cat and told me she and her husband had just moved up here from Orange County. She was in LOVE with our area here. Here name was Janet. Nice! Woulda coulda shoulda given her my card with my email on it!  We had a nice chat!
It's not a good thing to shop in the late afternoon in the summer when the temps are high. After unloading the car I was a soaking wet mess!! Whew. Good thing for Mr. Carrier and his invention AND ice and wine!!! Then a nice conversation with my California pal, Linda. 
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Hump Day. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 29th
Waffle Iron Day

23 things you can cook in a waffle iron:
Grands Cinnamon Rolls, hash brown nuggets, and brownie mix are a few favorites of mine along with Grands Biscuits, slit and stuffed with cheese!
Waffle Iron Day celebrates this great kitchen gadget that makes tasty waffles. Waffles are cooked between two metal plates. A waffle iron is powered by electricity to heat the plates and create, light waffles ready for you to top with syrup, and/or your favorite fruits.
Waffles are not just for breakfast. They are good for lunch or dinner, too.  
The origin of the waffle:  The waffle dates back to the 1300s in Greece. Greeks cooked flat cakes between two metal pans. At the time, they topped it with cheeses and herbs. Pancake syrup wasn't around back then.

You do know how to celebrate this day.......don't you!? If you don't have a waffle iron, today is a good day to go out and buy one. If you are too busy to make waffles yourself, buy some frozen in your grocery store, or order them out at a restaurant.