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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Throw Back Thursday ~ Karen Tomes ~ Pete & Cyndi Moreno ~ Artoff Plumbing ~ Hawaii Five-O

Good 53º clear sunny morning.   Be careful out there... almost a full moon! 

Yesterday warmed to 93º and again, there was a nice breeze.

Happy Throw Back Thursday..........
2009 on a trip to Greece. Two Greek Policemen, a little standoffish until I told them my relationship to law enforcement.

Yesterday was grocery shopping day. Left Dude home in the cool house. Don't often take him anywhere in the summer unless it's going to the drive-through for my prescriptions and the car stays on and the AC. I loaded up on lots of veggies, a new kind of canned food to try on Dude, wine, and had a fun chat with the new checker. She enjoyed it too and told me to come back to her line next time!

Today Karen Tomes, wife of the infamous Larry Tomes (LASD ret) is celebrating her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!!! 

                                      ^At the 2016 LASD Laughlin Roundup.

And today is the 32nd Anniversary of two special people, Cyndi and Pete Moreno (LASD ret)! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS!!!
                              ^2008 on an east coast/Canada cruise.

Historically this date....

1785 – The dollar is unanimously chosen as the monetary unit for the United States.

1854 – In Jackson, Michigan, the first convention of the United States Republican Party is held.

1994 – Storm King MountainGlenwood Springs, ColoradoSouth Canyon Fire: 14 firefighters died in the fire.

2006 – The Nathula Pass between India and China, sealed during the Sino-Indian War, re-opens for trade after 44 years.

And births this date include....

1925 – Merv Griffin, American television show host (d. 2007)

1927 – Janet Leigh, American actress (d. 2004)


1946 – Sylvester Stallone, American actor

Later my plumber friend Mike Artoff came by to change the filter in my pump house.
Mike loves to fish with his boys:
His dad, Marty, was friends with my Jerry.

So, then for dinner I cooked a marinated salmon filet in the Air Fryer and steamed some asparagus in a little water, olive oil, and garlic salt. And I topped the pasta/veggie salad with tomatoes.

Chair, wine, TV....

I was sad to read that Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii Five-O, and Grace Park, who plays Kono Kalakua will both be leaving the show. The show has run since 2010 and they both have been on since the beginning.

All I know. Nuff said. Happy TBT. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 6th
National Fried Chicken Day**

National Fried Chicken Day is day to enjoy crisp and tasty, finger licking good fried chicken.
Fried chicken is one of America's favorite meals. Sure, we all know that fried foods are not good for us. But, fried chicken tastes ohhhhh so good. We just can't resist having it on a regular basis.
There's just one thing you need to do celebrate this day: Eat some fried chicken. You can have it for lunch, dinner or cold leftovers as a snack. Better still, have it for lunch, dinner, AND for a snack.

** you might check your local chicken places (KFC, Chick-fil-A, Pollo Loco, etc) for specials on chicken today.