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Friday, July 21, 2017

Napping Bruiser ~ Highest/Lowest Taxes in US ~ Smiles Pictures ~ Junk Food Day

Good 52ยบ clear sunny morning.

Sometimes it's just a little difficult to work on my computer....
   Sorry mom, I need a nap!

This is interesting about the highest to lowest taxes in the US....

Sunrise Over Crown Point at Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

10. Oregon
> State sales tax rate: 0.0% (tied-the lowest)
> Property taxes collections per capita: $1,285 (25th lowest)
> Unemployment rate: 4.0% (tied-17th lowest)
> Top individual income tax rate: 9.9% (3rd highest)
> Top corporate income tax rate: 7.6% (18th highest)

Historically this date....
1873 – At Adair, IowaJesse James and the James-Younger Gang pull off the first successful train robbery in the American Old West.

1969 – Space RaceNeil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin become the first humans to walk on the Moon, during the Apollo 11 mission (July 20 in North America).

1983 – The world's lowest temperature is recorded at Vostok StationAntarctica at−89.2 °C (−128.6 °F).

And births this date include....
1899 – Ernest Hemingway, American writer, Nobel laureate (d. 1961)
He was also a collector of polydactyl cats, like my Bruiser! His home in Florida is a museum and they still have a lot of his cat relatives there.

1924 – Don Knotts, American actor (d. 2006)

1948 – Snooty, the oldest known Florida manatee

1951 – Robin Williams, American comedian/actor (d.2014)

Here's another couple smile pictures from friend Pat Tracy...

Dinner was a marinated salmon filet atop fresh baby spinach and corn on the cob.  

All I know. Nuff said. Happy TGIF. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 21st
National Junk Food Day

For some of us, every day is Junk Food Day. For the rest of us, National Junk Food Day is an opportunity to guiltlessly eat your favorite junk food.
Dietitians will tell you that junk food is any food that contains little nutritional value. We also include foods that are high in salts, fats, and sugars. In other words, junk food is all that tasty stuff that the dietitians, and Mom, say is bad for us.

On Junk Food Day, you get to eat anything you want. Eat any amounts that you want, too. Tomorrow, however, it's back to a healthy diet.