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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dog Visitor ~ George & Connie Collins ~ Sami

Good 32 º very very foggy morning. 

Yesterday morning it stayed super foggy and we stayed in the 30ºs until afternoon when we went into the mid 40ºs. A tad of sun came through the clouds! 

I went out back and there was this dog, who just about knocked me down trying to get into the house! He looked to be an Irish Setter...

He was overly friendly. I think I have seen him before, not sure thought. I gave him a dog treat and told him to "go home". He hung around a bit and wanted to get in the yard with Dude. Finally he left. Hope he is OK. Had a collar and license, but couldn't read it. I called my neighbor whose dog, Nova, comes over here all the time to see if he belonged to the mob of dogs her son has. No answer, just answer machine. She never called back. Thinking about it, he probably belongs to the pot growers way up the hill from me on the other side of the BLM.

Friday was a special anniversary I didn't know about until reading it on FB. George (LASD ret) and Connie Collins. HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY KIDS! xo
She has had cancer and many procedures and recently she got shingles in both eyes. She is recovering. She needs our prayers!

Historically this date...
1493 – Christopher Columbus goes ashore on an island he first saw the day before. He names it San Juan Bautista (later renamed Puerto Rico).

1863 – American Civil WarU.S. President Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address at the dedication of the military cemetery ceremony at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

1930 – Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow commit their first robbery, the first in a long series of robberies and other criminal acts.

1943 – Holocaust: Nazis liquidate Janowska concentration camp in Lemberg (Lviv), western Ukraine, murdering at least 6,000 Jews after a failed uprising and mass escape attempt.
..... so utterly disgusting. Too bad Hitler couldn't have been turned over to the Jews and let them torture him!!!

1959 – The Ford Motor Company announces the discontinuation of the unpopular Edsel.

1969 – Apollo programApollo 12 astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean land at Oceanus Procellarum (the "Ocean of Storms") and become the third and fourth humans to walk on the Moon.

1969 – Football player Pelé scores his 1,000th goal.

1990 – Pop group Milli Vanilli are stripped of their Grammy Award because the duo did not sing at all on the Girl You Know It's True album. Session musicians had provided all the vocals.

And births this date include....
....He died at age 20, serving in the military. Never knew about him, this is an interesting read about his short life. Attended Harvard at age 13!!!

1919 – Alan Young, British-born American actor (Mister Ed) (d.2016)
.... ♫♩♬A horse is a horse, of course of course .... ♫♩♬
LOVED that show!!!!

1920 – Gene Tierney, American actress (d. 1991)

1933 – Larry King, American TV personality
....Another one of those irritating TV personalities!

1936 – Dick Cavett, American talk show host

1938 – Ted Turner, American businessman
Not much respect for this idiot after he married Fonda and of course he founded the CNN (Clinton News Network!) also known as the FNN ... Fake News Network!

1956 – Ann Curry, American journalist and television anchor
... an Ashland Oregon High School graduate...

1956 – Eileen Collins, American astronaut

A retired American astronaut and a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel. A former military instructor and test pilot, Collins was the first female pilot and first female commander of a Space Shuttle. Whatta gal!!!

1961 – Meg Ryan, American actress

1962 – Jodie Foster, American actress

Sami went to the Oregon State Gymnastic Finals yesterday ...


This was a "live" shot of her jumping and flipping.... can't make it live on the blog, sorry.

And she ended up winning 2nd place in the balance beam! YEAH SAMI!!!! oxox

Dinner was reruns.... then chair, wine, and TV.... Hawaii 5-0, Blue Bloods, Diners Drive-In and Dives, and the exciting news! 

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
November 19th