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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sun/Clouds ~ Fighting Side of Me ~ 10 Codes ~ Rick Fetterling ~ Apple Pie Toast ~ Sami 1st Place

Good 38º clear sunny morning.

Yesterday there was a "possibility" of rain, but none appeared .... and we topped at 74º and it will be the same today or cooler. 

Clouds came in by later afternoon... 

Breakfast was an Omaha marinated salmon fillet, tomatoes, and Dave's Killer Bread roll...

This is how I feel too......

More 10 codes...
10-8 In service
10-9 Repeat (what?)
10-10 Out of service, subject to call
10-11 Transmitting too rapidly
10-13 Advise road and weather conditions
10-15 Prisoner in custody
10-16 Pick up prisoner

Special birthday today, Rick Fetterling (LASD ret). HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK!

Love the pictures on your FB page of you and your grandchildren! BTW, good day for a birthday! You are always 10-8 ! 

Historically this date....
1862 – American Civil WarBattle of Perryville – Union forces under General Don Carlos Buell halt the Confederate invasion of Kentucky by defeating troops led by GeneralBraxton Bragg at Perryville, Kentucky.

2001 – U.S. President George W. Bush announces the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security.

2005 – 2005 Kashmir earthquake: Thousands of people are killed by a magnitude 7.6earthquake in parts of PakistanIndia and Afghanistan.

And births this date include...
1939 – Paul Hogan, Australian actor

1943 – Chevy Chase, American comedian and actor

1949 – Sigourney Weaver, American actress

1956 – Stephanie Zimbalist, American actress

1970 – Matt Damon, American actor

Ok, this really sounds good. From Mr. Food Test Ktichen..... Apple Pie Toast:

6 slices cinnamon raisin bread
1 21oz can apple pie filling
6 slices sharp Cheddar cheese

Preheat broiler. Place bread on baking sheet and lightly toast under broiler.
Top each slice of bread with equal amounts of apple pie filling and place a cheese slice on top.

Broil 2-3 minutes, until filling is heated and cheese is melted. Serve immediately.

Yesterday Brian Jen Tucker and Sami went to Coos Bay for another of Sami's gymnastic competitions. Sami won 1st Place in the beam!!! YEAH SAMI~!!!! xoxo

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
October 8th
National Pierogi Day