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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day ~ Clouds ~ Turkeys ~ Fibrous Foods ~ Dude ~ Vivia ~ Laura ~ Martini Day

Good 44º cloudy morning.
This was 9am yesterday:

And Mr. Jake was sitting on the gate up in the pasture!

Stayed cool yesterday, only warmed to 67º by 1pm.
Father's Day....
I had a great Dad. He was so talented. He could fix anything! If he didn't have the right tool, he made one. My Jerry was the same. Now my Brian and step-son Aaron share the same talents!
Lucy with Daddy and the playhouse he built for Kristen with the fort on top for Brian.
I miss Daddy. He passed away in 1991.   Mr. Leslie Laney.

(Picture on ferry boat 1954 from Anacortes to Vancouver BC)

A Southerner who called me, "Schuga" (Sugar in "southern"). Daddy never got his boy,so my middle name is Leslie, and he taught me a lot of stuff a man would teach a son.... wood working, plumbing, gardening, auto mechanics stuff....  UGH.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there..... 

My Brian, father of two, Tucker and Sami, and an awesome dad...

And Aaron, new father of one, Madeline, and also an awesome dad!

You guys are special. ox ♥ ♥

There is a list of 18 things you should eat for healthy functioning intestines.
They all have fiber that is good for your intestines. Most fiber Americans get, 8-10 grams a day, and are mostly from processed foods. Eat these and you will get enough of both insoluble and soluble fiber that work together in the gut.
Here are the first 5:
Sweet Potatoes


One cup has 8 grams of fiber and are low in sugar

Black Beans

One cup of these contains a whopping 19 grams of fiber, plus they are great in burritos and salads.



A medium apple has 4.4 grams of fiber. Add 2 T of peanut butter and you're up to 6.4 grams.
As my pal Vivia says, "I live to serve" !!!

Do you think Dude could be any more comfortable on his couch?

Speaking of Vivia, I goofed and missed email pal, Brooklyn Vivia's birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day late, girlfriend!

Hopefully I can get to NY again and we can have some fun palling around!!!
(Vivia went to jr. high school in Glendale with Bill Riordan..LASD ret and she now lives in NY. Vivia's daughter is a NY cop and son is a doctor. You did good Viv!!!)

Special birthday today... former neighbor and Kristen's friend, Laura (Vincent) Virant. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!!!

Historically this date...
1910 – The first Father's Day is celebrated in Spokane, Washington.

1978 – Garfield, holder of the Guinness World Record for the world's most widely syndicated comic strip, makes its debut.

And births this date include...
1903 – Lou Gehrig, American baseball player (d. 1941)
Cute. Dimples~!

1921 – Louis Jourdan, French actor
... this yummy man was married to his one and only wife since 1946 until his death in 2015!

1969 – Lara Spencer, American TV personality

1975 – Poppy Montgomery, Australian actress

Yesterday I took the trash to the road, Dude had his run, and took some old gas cans to Dave, who will take them to work to  put used oil and gasoline in when they work on tractors and lawn mowers, etc. Coming back it was so beautiful and I hardly ever take pictures from the opposite direction .... from the road looking at the barn:

Looking towards my gate:

The house:

Bruiser coming out to meet us:

The baby turkeys are growing fast!

Later dinner was reruns of the sole almondine and risotto and some quinoa: 
I cooked the quinoa in the rice cooker. This kind "Southern Style" has quinoa, smoked paprika, onion, tomato powder, turmeric, parsley, cayenne, cilantro,red bell pepper, tomato, cumin, garlic,carrot, salt, and fennel seeds....

Then it was chair, wine, and TV! Nice.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Father's Day to all dads!! Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 19th
National Martini Day

I like mine like James Bond does, 'shaken not stirred'... and like mine without vermouth. Vodka only, and dirty with olive juice and olives. Found a great ingredient... Dirty Sue Martini Mix!!!
The exact origin of the martini is unknown, this iconic drink has earned a permanent place in the pantheon of classic cocktails. The first printed recipe for a “Martinez” cocktail appeared in a bartending manual published in San Francisco in 1887. However, historians disagree over whether the beverage actually originated on the West Coast. In 1911, a New York City bartender named Martini di Arma di Taggia began serving a cocktail made with gin, vermouth, orange bitters, and an olive garnish. The martini gained widespread popularity among Manhattan socialites, and has been associated with New York ever since.
Today, 50% of all cocktails are served in a martini glass. Some of the most famous (historical and fictional) martini lovers include: John D. Rockefeller, Humphrey Bogart, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Clark Gable, Ernest Hemingway, and James Bond.
To celebrate National Martini Day, enjoy a refreshing martini in the company of friends. Mix up the classic or try this lemon basil martini recipe. Cheers to that!