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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rain ~ Dude ~ 15th Events ~ Anaheim PD Dog, Bruno ~ Artistic Bras ~ Costco ~ TJ's ~ Barbecue Month

Good 46º raining morning. We did actually have sun again yesterday. Nice. Dude is always so so happy when the sun shines and goes out and just enjoys it....

Yesterday's blog had today's historical events and birthdays on it. A day early. Sigh....... brain was somewhere else!
So......... here are the historical events and birthdays for yesterday, the 15th:
1905 – Las Vegas, Nevada, is founded when 110 acres (0.45 km), in what later would become downtown, are auctioned off.

1928 – Mickey Mouse premiered in his first cartoon, Plane Crazy

1940 – McDonald's opens its first restaurant in San Bernardino, California.

1969 – People's Park: California Governor Ronald Reagan has an impromptu student park owned by University of California at Berkeley fenced off from student anti-war protestors, sparking a riot called Bloody Thursday.

1970 – President Richard Nixon appoints Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth P. Hoisington the first female United States Army Generals.

2010 – Jessica Watson becomes the youngest person to sail, non-stop and unassisted around the world solo.
... just amazing at 16 years of age!

And births this date include...
1895 – Prescott Bush, American banker, politician and member of the Bush family (d. 1972) (GHW's dad)

1936 – Anna Maria Alberghetti, Italian-born actress

1937 – Trini López, American musician

1941 – K. T. Oslin, American musician

1955 – Lee Horsley, American actor

An Anaheim PD dog was shot in the head while chasing a suspect... Officer RJ Young was his partner. Here's the outcome...

Yesterday I went into Medford for my yearly with the Women's Radiology. They have some of the funniest decorations there...

I thought that one^ was apropos since it was National Peace Officers Memorial Day!

Then to Costco for essentials. Brian wanted a couple things, one being the organic hard boiled peeled eggs that they all like. I got some for me to try too. Heck, already cooked and peeled, what could be better:
 2 eggs to a packet. Easy to take for lunch etc.....

Costco also has the veggie patties that I love and they have the best egg white quiches. Got a couple of them.

Then to Trader Joe's for a couple things. I got some of their Chicken Soup Dumplings to try. Will let you know.

I dropped Brian's Costco items off at his office and then went to Safeway to get boneless skinless chicken thighs to cook for Dude. (I checked the boneless skinless chicken thighs out at Costco, but they looked awful and full of fat.) Came home and unloaded the truck. OMGOSH I had a lot of stuff!!! Then sat with a glass of wine. 

Dinner was from Costco also, their Asian Rotisserie Chicken Wrap. There are 4 in the box, so I have leftovers!

I love the dipping sauce! The roll also has carrots, cabbage, broccoli, and almonds. YUMMMM!!!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
May 16th
May is Barbecue Month 

In the month of May, it’s time to truly embrace the start of summer with Barbecue – or barbeque – month! Barbecue month was made to observe and celebrate the wonders of the BBQ. A great way of cooking meat, this age-old culinary technique is waiting for you to discover in May – and if you're in a sunnier part of the world, it’s certainly a good excuse to get friends and family round to share the experience!
The History of Barbecue Month
Humans have been cooking meat over a flame for centuries, but exactly where the idea of cooking meat over a grill came from isn't clear. Supposedly, when Columbus discovered the Americas, he found that many of the natives were roasting meat over a wooden grill. This would give the meat a smoky flavor as it cooked.
Today, it’s such a popular method of preparing meat that there’s a whole range of barbecue cookers you can get hold of – and plenty of different styles. Small ones can often be seen in homeowner’s back gardens, where they are perfect for catering for small gatherings, whereas large ones seen in commercial settings can be so big that they can cook an entire hog!
If anywhere is most keen on a barbecue, it’s the United States. It’s not uncommon to find that barbecue is not just kept to one season – such as in the UK, where the barbecues tend to only come out during the summer months. All year round, in many parts of the USA you can get hold of deliciously, smoked and barbecued meat. And if there’s a public celebration, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s going to be barbecues to feed the masses.
How to Celebrate Barbecue Month
Since barbecuing is not a difficult method of cooking, this is a great month for you to try it out – even if you're not really much of a cook! Dust off the barbecue and get your friends and family round for a feast. Make sure to check up on the internet to find some great barbecue recipes, and make sure there’s something for vegetarians to sink their teeth into too! And of course, make sure there’s some homemade BBQ sauce to hand to keep things authentic!