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Saturday, October 26, 2019

No Fog ~ Geese ~ Picture of the Day ~ Morris the Cat ~ Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole ~ Jim & Melinda Plumbridge ~ Kio Ebrahimzadeh ~ National Pumpkin Day

Good clear sky 37º morning. 
Yesterday was a treat, like today, not starting off foggy and/or dark and cloudy.

Look at all the geese up on my neighbor's place...

We stayed clear and sunny and topped at 83º. 

Picture of the Day

Morris the Cat is the advertising mascot for 9Lives brand cat food, appearing on its packaging and its television commercials. A large orange tabby tomcat, Morris is "the world's most finicky cat", who would only eat 9Lives cat food. Morris became a household name and a national celebrity that made it onto various talk shows over the years. What you might not know is that the original Morris was a rescue cat, who was “discovered” in an Illinois animal shelter in 1968. He went on to film a whopping 58 commercials between 1969 and his death at the ripe old age of 19 in 1978. The Morris character was later played by other rescue cats.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole ....
Pasta is infinitely better packed with cheese and baked into a creamy casserole—this chicken, bacon, ranch combo proves it. File this under the definition of comfort food!

1 pound penne pasta, cooked and drained
2 cups shredded cooked chicken
1 15oz jar Alfredo pasta sauce
1/2 cup ranch dressing
6 slices chopped cooked bacon
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
chopped parsley, if desired
Heat oven to 350º. Grease of spray a 13x9 inch baking dish.
In large bowl place the cooked pasta, 2 cups shredded chicken, jar of Alfredo sauce and ranch dressing. Stir to combine. Pour mixture into baking dish, spread evenly.
Sprinkle 6 sliced of the chopped cooked bacon evenly over the top then sprinkle with the mozzarella cheese.
Bake 15-20 minutes until hot and bubbly. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.
  • That optional sprinkle of chopped parsley adds not only bright color but also a fresh taste—don’t skimp on the amount you use.
  • No leftover chicken? Buy a rotisserie chicken—a 2 lb. bird will give you about 3 cups of meat.
  • Use Cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella for a more cheesy flavor.
  • Other short pastas, like fusilli or rotini, work equally well, making the casserole easy to scoop up to serve.

Special anniversary today... my nephew Jim Plumbridge and his bride Mel are celebrating 28 years of a great marriage! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS!

Today is also a very special friend's birthday, Kio Ebrahimzadeh is celebrating birthday 49! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIO!

Kio is a retired police office. He has battled brain cancer, and won!

Historically this date.....
1936 – The first electric generator at Hoover Dam goes into full operation.

1940 – The P-51 Mustang makes its maiden flight.

1984 – "Baby Fae" receives a heart transplant from a baboon.

2003 – The Cedar Fire, the second-largest fire in California history, kills 15 people, consumes 250,000 acres (1,000 km2), and destroys 2,200 homes around San Diego.

And births this date include....
1914 – Jackie Coogan, American actor (d. 1984)

Married to Betty Grable at one time.

1916 – Boyd Wagner, First USAAF fighter ace of World War II (d. 1942)

1942 – Bob Hoskins, British actor (d.2014)

1947 – Jaclyn Smith, American actress

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

National Pumpkin Day recognizes a favored autumn decoration and food on October 26th. Pumpkin is used in a variety of recipes, competitions, and festivals.
By October 26th, we’re in a frenzy of pumpkin obsession. We cannot wait for the big November holiday for pumpkin pie.  No siree, we need pumpkin everything! Bars, cookies, coffee, cheesecake, pasta, and oatmeal.  Pumpkin Chunkin’, pumpkin patches, festivals, bake-offs, and television specials. Let’s not forget jack-o-lantern carving, too! This fruit grabs American’s attention.
As it should be. This squash is native to North America. The oldest evidence of pumpkin-related seeds dates back to somewhere between 7000 and 5500 BC to seeds found in Mexico.
The word pumpkin originates from the word pepon, which means “large melon” in Greek.
Within recent years, white pumpkins have become more popular in the United States. The United States produces 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins, with Illinois producing more than any other state.
A 2,145-pound pumping from Streator, Illinois holds the current North American record. Grown by Gene McMullen in 2015, the great pumpkin weighed in a few hundred pounds lighter than the current world record pumpkin from 2014.  At 2,323-pounds, the giant pumpkin from Switzerland retains the world record prize. 
Canned pumpkin may be recommended by veterinarians as a dietary supplement for dogs and cats that are experiencing certain digestive ailments.
Raw pumpkin can be fed to poultry as a supplement to their regular feed during the winter months to help maintain egg production.


Share your pumpkin patch pictures. Carve a jack-o-lantern. Roast some pumpkin seeds. While you’re at it, bake up something tasty! As always, invite someone to Celebrate Every Day® with you, too.
On National Pumpkin Day enjoy the following pumpkin recipes: