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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rain Wind Hail ~ Bruiser ~ Dude ~ Geese ~ Deer ~ Turkeys ~ Sheriff 'Caca' ~ Hope Floats ~ Asparagus Wraps ~ Grandson Jack

Good 42º cloudy gloomy morning.
I keep hoping and waiting for some warm weather! Boy, was in the 50ºs yesterday and I could not warm up. Layered on clothes and drank hot tea! We had sprinkles on and off and howling wind and even a hail storm for about 5 minutes. Total rain was another 1/10".  

So, while I was out taking pictures, here is Bruiser climbing around on the porch railings and Dude enjoying the warmth of the sun...

Up on the hill was a couple of deer, one eating grass and being spied on by a goose and another deer munching leaves off a tree....

As I was standing there, a goose flew right by me..

.... then he met up with the other one and enjoyed a few bites I put out for the birds...

Meanwhile in the backyard the turkeys were gathering and along comes a deer...

Good news yesterday... former Sheriff 'Caca' was sentenced to 3 years in prison!

So, I had recorded this movie, Hope Floats

( ). It was made in 1998. I thought I had seen it, but wasn't sure. Then realized that was the year we moved here and didn't have time to go to the movies. I always liked Sandra Bullock, so gave it a shot to watch.

Sandra, Birdie, with her daughter Bernice...

Harry, the new boyfriend...

Talk about disappointed. This film started mediocre and then went to bad and back to mediocre. The girl playing Sandra's daughter was obnoxious. Just wasn't my thing! Harry was cute in his cowboy hat, but that is about all. If you click the imdb link you can click on the girl who played Bernice (Mae Whitman) and see how she ended up in the movies because she interrupted her mom's audition by being a real brat like the one she played in this movie! Click on her full bio.

There was one scene with Sandra and her father and I swear this looks just like my daughter-in-love, Jen!!!

Historically this date....

1913 – Igor Sikorsky becomes the first man to pilot a four-engine aircraft.

1994 – Johnny Carson makes his last television appearance on Late Show with David Letterman.

Three special people passed away on this date... Patty's brother Hal, Sandy's mom Lee, and Mike's dad Tom. All are so missed. RIP.

And births this date include...
1588 – Ole Worm, Danish physician (d. 1654)

 He had 3 sons, one was 'Inch', 'Tape', and one was 'Wiggle'.

1904 – Louis Duffus, South African cricketer (d. 1984)

He had 1 son, 'Big'.

1922 – Beatrice Arthur, American actress (d. 2009)


1941 – Ritchie Valens, American singer (d. 1959)

1950 – Stevie Wonder, American singer and musician

1961 – Dennis Rodman, American basketball player, wrestler, and actor AND FREEKING WEIRDO!
I can certainly understand why all 3 of his wives divorced him, but what I don't understand is why they married the creep in the first place! Money? Fame?

How about this for a quick yummmy wrap:
Asparagus Wraps

Coat 1 sheet of puff pastry with soft cream cheese. Cut into strips. wrap 2 asparagus in each strip. Coat with egg. Top with parmesan cheese. Bake 400º 15 minutes.

This is great with any beef, chicken, or fish main course.

Later for dinner I fixed the leftover rice/veggie mix and cooked some pub cod in the Air Fryer.

Last night was prom night for my grandson, Jack. Look at Mr. Handsome in a beautiful tux with gold tie, vest, and hankie!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
May 13th


National Apple Pie Day, America’s favorite dessert, is observed annually on May 13th.
The first apple pie recipe printed was in England in 1381.  The list of ingredients included good apples, good spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron and cofyn (a type of pastry crust).
While the apple pie existed well before the Pilgrims landed on the eastern shores of what is now The United States, Americans wax poetic about the how American apple pie is.  The phrase “as American as apple pie” has been around for more than 100 years.  Teddy Roosevelt was impressed to have a taste of home when he was served an American apple pie while traveling in Africa. Soldiers during World War II were often quoted they were fighting “for Mom and apple pie.”
During the turn of the 20th century when whole toasted cereals were becoming the ‘health food’ fad, pie gained a bad reputation.  Apple pie saved the day so sorts, being more nutritious than other pies according to some.  Teddy Roosevelt was impressed to have a taste of home when he was an American apple pie while traveling in Africa. Soldiers during World War II were often quoted they were fighting “for Mom and apple pie.”   In 1970, advertisers used the patriotic connection with a commercial jingle “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.”
Enjoy this recipe called Perfect Apple Pie