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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Thank You ~ Picture of the Day ~ Rabbit's Feet ~ Easy Chicken Bake ~ National Chocolate Covered Anything Day


Good 41º super foggy morning. 
Thank you all for your kind comments about my Kristen. I appreciate every one of them. xo 
Yesterday was dark and rainy on and off .... some geese flying over and honking....

Picture of the Day


In some cultures, the foot of a rabbit is carried as an amulet believed to bring good luck. This belief is held by individuals in a great number of places around the world, including Europe, China, Africa, and North and South America. In variations of this superstition, the donor rabbit must possess certain attributes, such as having been killed in a particular place, using a particular method, or by a person possessing particular attributes (e.g., by a cross-eyed man).

The belief in North American folklore may originate in the system of folk magic known as "hoodoo". A number of strictures attached to the charm are now observed mostly in the breach, namely that it must be the left hind foot of a rabbit which was shot or otherwise captured in a cemetery. Some sources tell that the rabbit must be taken by the full moon, and others specifying the new moon. Some say instead that the rabbit must be taken on a Friday, or a rainy Friday, or Friday the 13th. Some sources say that the rabbit should be shot with a silver bullet, while others say that the foot must be cut off while the rabbit is still alive (oh no!).

In any case, the rabbit's foot is dried out and preserved and carried around by gamblers and other people who believe it will bring them luck. Rabbit's feet, either authentic or imitation, are frequently sold by curio shops and vending machines. Often, these rabbit's feet have been dyed various colors, and they are often turned into keychains.


If you want to read more about rabbit's foot, go here:


 Easy Chicken Bake

2 10.5 oz cans cream of chicken soup, undiluted
1 cup milk
1/2 t. dried thyme
1/2 t. salt
1/4 t. black pepper
1 16oz pkg frozen chopped mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)
3 cups shredded cooked rotisserie chicken
1 12oz can refrigerated biscuits, each one cut into quarters
2 T. melted butter
1. Preheat oven to 375º.
2. Coat 9x13 pan with cooking spray
3. In bowl mix soup, milk, and spices. Stir in vegetables and chicken and put in baking dish.
4. Bake 15 minutes, then remove from oven.
5. In bowl combine the cut up biscuits and butter and toss to evenly coat.
6. Arrange biscuits on top of the chicken veggie mixture and bake 15-18 minutes more, until biscuits are golden and casserole is bubbly.
Use different vegetables if you prefer ... green beans, peas, corn, red/green/yellow bell peppers, artichoke hearts, olives, beets, celery, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, shallots, yams, and even jalapeños ... whatever is your fancy.

Historically this date.......

1773 – American RevolutionBoston Tea Party – Members of the Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawksdump crates of tea into Boston harbor as a protest against the Tea Act.


1811 – The first two in a series of four severe earthquakes occur in the vicinity of New Madrid, Missouri. These four so-called mega-quakes are believed to be an ongoing cataclysmic danger that could reprise the 1811-12 series of 2,000 quakes that affected the lands of what would be eight of today's heartland states of the United States.

1985 – Mafia: In New York CityPaul Castellano and Thomas Bilotti are shot dead on the orders of John Gotti, who assumes leadership of the Gambino family.

2003 – President George W. Bush signs the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 into law. The law establishes the United States' first national standards for the sending of commercial e-mail and requires the Federal Trade Commission to enforce its provisions.


And births this date include...
1938 – Liv Ullmann, Norwegian actress

1961 – Sam Robards, American actor
Son of Jason Robards and Lauren Bacall....
L-R Bogart's daughter Leslie, Sam, Lauren, Bogart's son Steven

1963 – Benjamin Bratt, American actor
Nuff said. Hope your Wednesday is a good one. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

Chocolate lovers rejoice on National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! December 16th offers the chocolate day you’ve been waiting for. On this day, dip and drizzle your favorite foods in every kind of chocolate imaginable.
If you could cover anything in chocolate, what would it be? So many foods improve when we dip them in chocolate. Businesses have been built on a foundation of dipping food into chocolate. Whether you pick up a chocolate fountain or order a bouquet of a beautiful arrangement of chocolate-dipped fruit, celebrate! 
But fruit isn’t the only food meant for dipping in chocolate. Oh no. Other foods cry out for chocolate, too. Have you tried chocolate-covered peanuts, cashews, or walnuts? Pretzels undergo a divine transformation when dipped in chocolate, and they even have a national day of their own. Pound cake and gummy candies taste delicious with chocolate, too. If you love coffee, how can you pass up chocolate covered coffee beans?
The list goes on. What’s you’re favorite covered chocolate covered anything?


Pick up some chocolate covered anything or try your hand at dipping your favorite food in chocolate. 
Try these suggestions:
  • Bananas and peanut butter
  • Cookies
  • Potato chips
  • Orange wedges
  • Ritz crackers
  • Biscotti
  • Peanut brittle
  • Marshmallows
  • Fudge
  • Shortbread
  • Ice cream