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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sun/Clouds/Sunset ~ Chris Nantz ~ Minnesota Hotdish ~ Rubber Ducky Day

The next full moon, "blue moon", will be January 31st. No full moon in February.

Good 36º extremely foggy morning.      

OMGOSH, the sun came out yesterday morning! YIPPPEEEE....  and by noon we had warmed to 52º !! Heat wave!!!  Later I went outside to enjoy the sun and stood facing the sun to warm up. By then it was 63º and it felt like heaven!

Dude was sooooooo happy....

Hey mom, rub my tummy!!!

Sure Dude. You have a super nice tummy!!♥

... and then about noon the cloud cover came back. :0( 

.... but it kept trying to show us blue sky!

Our sunset was beautiful....

My super pal, Linda Nantz (hubby Marine with Jerry and she goes with me to the Laughlin LASD reunion) her son Chris is celebrating his 50th birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!!
How would you like this handsome guy for your nurse?? He is one!!! But, you gotta go to Napa to the hospital!

Historically this date...

1822 – The design of the Greek flag is adopted by the First National Assembly at Epidaurus.

1993 – Space Shuttle programEndeavour heads for space for the third time as STS-54launches from the Kennedy Space Center.

2001 – An earthquake hits El Salvador, killing more than 800.

And births this date include...
1884 – Sophie Tucker, Russian-born singer and performer (d. 1966)

1919 – Robert Stack, American actor (d. 2003)

1931 – Charles Nelson Reilly, American actor (d. 2007)

1934 – Rip Taylor, American actor

1943 – Richard Moll, American actor

1961 – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, American actress

1962 – Trace Adkins, American country music singer-songwriter

1966 – Patrick Dempsey, American actor

This recipe is famous in Minnesota. Sugar Bear, I'm sure being a 'Minnie-soda' gal you have made this or similar many times!

Minnesota Hotdish

A favorite dish in Minnesota for years, but the term "hotdish" wasn't used until the 1930's. This is a one dish meal that includes  some kind of meat, a can of cream soup, mixed veggies, and a starch. This isn't the kind of dish you make a fuss about, it's the kind you throw together for dinner, the church potluck, or a family get together.

1½ pounds ground beef
1 t. onion powder
¼ t. salt
2 10.75oz cans cream of mushroom soup
½ cup milk
1 16oz pkg frozen mixed vegetables
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
½ of a 32oz pkg frozen seasoned tater tots

1. Preheat oven to 400º
2. Coat 9x13 baking dish with cooking spray
3. In skillet brown ground beef with onion powder, salt and pepper, stirring until meat crumbles and is no longer pink. Drain. Spoon into baking dish.
4. In bowl combine soup and milk, mixing well.
5. Top ground beef with frozen vegetables. Pour soup mixture over that and sprinkle with cheese.
6. Place tater tots on top of cheese.
7. Bake 40-45 minutes or until tater tots are golden.

**This dish is not written in stone ..... use whatever kind of meat you like (shredded cooked chicken thighs are good.) Use a variety of cream soup, use different vegetables.

Tonight is my Patriots and the Titans playoff game. One of the Titans, Marcus Mariota, a former Oregon Ducks player and first of the Ducks to win the Heisman Trophy as well as the first Hawaiian born to win it.

He is a favorite player of my grandson Tucker! In the Titans game with the Chiefs recently he threw a pass, it bounced off a Chief's player, Mariota caught it and made the touchdown. AMAZING! He caught his own pass and scored!!!
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

January 13, 2018 is

National Rubber Ducky Day

Today is National Rubber Ducky Day! In 1970, Jim Henson performed the song “Rubber Duckie” as Ernie on Sesame Street, and the rubber duck bath toy has been an iconic American symbol ever since. Rubber ducks have been around since the rise of the rubber industry in the late 1800s, but no one knows their exact origin.
Did you know that in January of 1992, a shipment of 29,000 rubber duckies fell off a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean? By 2007, the “Friendly Floatees” had traveled 17,000 miles around the world on the ocean currents. Some are still afloat today! Over time, people reported seeing the duckies in places such as Australia, Indonesia, South America, the Bering Strait, the Arctic, and in the Atlantic Ocean!
Happy Rubber Ducky Day!
I have my own collection of rubber duckies... military ducks 

and the ones by my bathtub.....