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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Frozen/Fog ~ Some Sun ~ Deer ~ Full Moon ~ Crazy Turkeys ~ Cat & Comma ~ Liars OVamit and Hill-liary ~ Dog Biscuits

Good 32º foggy frozen morning.

You can see the ice on the barn roof....

Yesterday was gloommmmy....

Then closer to noon we got some blue sky and intermittent sun...
By late afternoon it was all clear and sunny...
And the deer were out and about...

Dude and I took trash to the road so he could have a run and then fed the fish at Dave and PJ's.
HUGE bright full moon last night!

When I went out back yesterday morning the crazy turkeys were greeting me on the porch, like they normally do!

Historically this date...
1861 – President-elect Abraham Lincoln arrives secretly in Washington, D.C., after the thwarting of an alleged assassination plot in Baltimore, Maryland.

1896 – The Tootsie Roll is invented.

1903 – Cuba leases Guantánamo Bay to the United States "in perpetuity".

1942 – World War IIJapanese submarines fire artillery shells at the California coastline near Santa Barbara.

1974 – The Symbionese Liberation Army demands $4 million more to release kidnap victim Patty Hearst.

1991 – Gulf War: Ground troops cross the Saudi Arabian border and enter Iraq, thus beginning the ground phase of the war.

And births this date include...

1940 – Peter Fonda, American actor
1951 – Patricia Richardson, American actress

1965 – Michael Dell, American computer manufacturer

1994 – Dakota Fanning, American actress


Speaking of liars..... this is interesting what Nevada is doing with a criminal investigation on Hill-liary...
Later it was reruns for dinner, chair, wine, Hallmark movie, and Blue Bloods. Brian called. They won't have the results of Tucker's bowling tournament for a day or so. Kristen had another scan, so awaiting the results on that. The tech told her, not the doctor, that it doesn't look like the lung is filling again, might be related to the chemo she is back on. We'll see...
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 23rd
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day is a day for the dogs. And, that's because there is no one else who can really appreciate the true value of a dog biscuit. They say "Every dog has his day". And, it will definitely be his day,when you give him some tasty dog biscuits.
You might appreciate their value in pleasing your dog, as a reward for behavior, or enticing them to do a trick. But, the dog is the recipient of the treat.
Celebrate today by giving your dog a few dog biscuits.
Dude is always happy when his UPS dad, Dave, shows up with cookies!!!