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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Clouds/Rain/Touch of Sun ~ Pineapple Upside Down Cake ~ John Wayne ~ RWB Sweatshirt ~ Cats Waiting for Mail ~ Vegetables & Steak

Good 46º cloudy with spots of sun morning....
Picture 1, "my mountain" Fielder Mtn looking SW. Picture 2 looking NW. Picture 3 looking N. And finally back to "my mountain".......
Shoot, it looks like Fall, not Spring!!!

Yesterday stayed gloomy cloudy all day with an occasional rain drop until early evening when the rain started up more. Heard it in the night and we ended up with 3/4".  
Breakfast was a couple hard boiled eggs, some fresh mozzarella cheese, coffee, and an upside down pineapple cake (Omaha Steaks). Take cake from freezer, microwave 55 seconds, turn upside down on dish. Easy and SOOOOOOOO good!!!!

From the Omaha site:
Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes
Nostalgic flavor with modern flair: individual Upside-Down Cakes combine traditional deliciousness with nearly instant prep time and a smart, convenient size. After all, the engaging flavors combine so beautifully. You have the buttery, moist, tender sponge cake with a little bit of baked crisp around the bottom edge. Then the sweet, silky brown sugar sauce grabs your attention right before you surrender to the sweet/tart grand prize... the pineapple ring crowning the cake. Savor this piece of the past soon!

Here's a poem by John Wayne .... The Sky. Just for you Brian!!!

I went on the Veteran's site and bought this zip front sweatshirt...

It also comes in pullover. Part of the money you spend goes to homeless and hungry Veterans for meals.
Trish, you'd find something here for sure, they have a red/white/blue sequined top that is you!

This video is cute... cats waiting for the mail... 

Historically this date....

1881 – Billy the Kid escapes from the Lincoln County jail in MesillaNew Mexico.

1906 – An earthquake and fire destroy much of San FranciscoCalifornia.

1923 – Yankee Stadium, "The House that Ruth Built", opens.

And births this date include....
1922 – Barbara Hale, American actress (d.2017)
... one of those Hollyweird miracle marriages!

1946 – Hayley Mills, English actress

1947 – James Woods, American actor

1956 – Eric Roberts, American actor
.... brother to Julia and with a common doper arrest record!
Possession, resisting, wife beater! Nice.

1961 – Jane Leeves, British actress
Later for dinner I wanted vegetables....

So I put the mushrooms in a sauté pan with butter... then added in the chopped red bell pepper.... and spiral cut squash....

Meanwhile I put the cut broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and carrots in a pan with water to steam for a bit to get rid of the  crunchiness... then added to the sauté pan with a little more butter and garlic salt...

The steak, sirloin 2" thick was frozen and so I cooked it in the Air Fryer at 370º with a drizzle of olive oil and Lawry's Garlic Salt for 20 minutes. PERFECT!!!!

Later it was the usual, chair, wine, TV.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
April 18th
National Animal Crackers Day

Here are today’s five things to know about Animal Crackers

  1. The famous Barnum’s animal crackers box was originally a Christmas ornament hung by a string.  The string can still be found on boxes.
  2. A box of Animal Crackers sold for 5 cents in 1902.
  3. Animal Crackers originated in England where they were known as animal biscuits.
  4. 54 different animals have been created as animal crackers. The most popular brand, Barnum’s Animal Crackers, has featured 37 different animals since 1902.
  5. The most recent addition to the Barnum’s animal crackers is the Koala bear.

Fun Fact:

Over the years, the only ones that have survived the entire lifetime of the product are bears, elephants, lions and tigers.
Shirley Temple sang “Animal crackers in my soup, Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop,”, but rabbits never found their way into a box of Barnum’s Animal Crackers.
The name referred to P. T. Barnum (1810-1891), the famous circus owner and showman.