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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge ~ Abraham Lincoln ~ Smilebox ~ Olives

Good 51º clear sunny morning. I think we hit 93º yesterday and should be about the same today.

Remember when part of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge collapsed after the earthquake in 1989?

The World Series baseball game was being played at Candlestick Park. My nephew Andy was there and said the upper deck swung back and forth! Brian and I were on our way to Tahoe to see my sister. The game went off the air and we had no idea an earthquake had happened. When we go to my sister's, Marion was jumping up and down on her deck shouting at us "THE BRIDGE FELL DOWN, THE BRIDGE FELL DOWN!!! We both wondered what she had been smokin'!!!
There is been a rebuilding project on the bridge...
It was supposed to be a mild number it ended up costing over $6 billion!!! But the stupid part is that the work was outsourced to China!!! WTF???? Original estimate for the bridge was $1.2 billion. So instead of having U.S. steel workers build the new bridge, China did it and over charged us. Well, how about them California Dems being in charge!! Duh. Willie Brown was the mayor of SF. The U.S. steel workers union protested, but to no avail!

7 years ago today I had my back surgery. Interesting how they put in 2 rods held by 4 screws into my L4 & L5 (lower back). The scar is only about 4" long. Amazing. A friend's similar back surgery 30 years earlier left him a scar from his neck to his butt!!
The above x-ray isn't mine, it shows two rods and screws in a neck...... but similar to what they did in my back. The bill for the surgery listed the screws and rods costing $26,000!!! OMGOSH, why didn't the get them at Ace Hardware???? LOL.

Interesting thing I just read about. Abraham Lincoln loved cats. Actually he loved all animals. The article is really interesting...

According to his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, President Lincoln's only hobby was cats. One age-old tale of Lincoln happened when he visited General Grant at City Point, Virginia in 1865. The Civil War was near an end and Lincoln and Grant were faced with bringing a country that had been divided back together. Lincoln could have gone to a pub, or he could have stayed home and prayed, but what did he do instead? He found three orphaned kittens and carried them around City Point until he found them a home.

Historically this date...
1812War of 1812: The U.S. President James Madison asks the Congress to declare war on the United Kingdom.

1813James Lawrence, the mortally-wounded commander of the USS Chesapeake, gives his final order: "Don't give up the ship!"1974 – The Heimlich maneuver for rescuing choking victims is published in the journal Emergency Medicine.

2009 – General Motors files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is the fourth largest United States bankruptcy in history.

And births this date include...
1926Andy Griffith, American actor, singer, director, producer, and writer (d. 2012)

1926 – Marilyn Monroe, American model, actress, singer, and producer (d. 1962)

1934Pat Boone, American singer-songwriter, musician, and actor

1937Morgan Freeman, American actor and director

1953 – Ronnie Dunn, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Brooks & Dunn)

1973 – Heidi Klum, German model, actress, fashion designer, and producer

Here is a Smilebox from Monday Memorial Day at Jennifer's...
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All I know. Nuff said. Happy Hump Day. Ciao.

xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 1st
National Olive Day

Daddy had 4 olive trees. Every year he'd pick the olives, clean them, and put them into a stoneware crock with water and lye and let them cure. After they were cured he'd clean them again, really well, and then put them in brine. Lots of salt and water. That would take another couple weeks. Then he'd can them. They were green olives with the seeds in them. At dinner we'd open a jar and the "winner" was the one (either Marion or I) with the most seeds next to our plate!!! GOSH they were good!!