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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Weather ~ Picture of the Day ~ Alcoholic Beverages in the Bible ~ BLT Macaroni Salad ~ Gerard DeRuyte ~ National Little Red Wagon Day

Good 29º clear morning. 
Yesterday we started clear and at 26º. Burrrrrrrr..... My friends up in Idaho started at 20º! 
By the end of our day we topped at 72º and today is supposed to be warmer. 
Picture of the Day ... perfect timing

Interesting about wine.....


Alcoholic beverages appear in the Hebrew Bible, after Noah planted a vineyard and became inebriated. In the New Testament, Jesus miraculously made copious amounts of wine at the marriage at Cana (John 2). Wine is the most common alcoholic beverage mentioned in biblical literature, where it is a source of symbolism, and was an important part of daily life in biblical times. Additionally, the inhabitants of ancient Israel drank beer, and wines made from fruits other than grapes, and references to these appear in scripture.

The many biblical references to wine are both positive and negative, real and symbolic, descriptive and didactic. Both archaeological evidence and written records indicate the significant cultivation of grapes in ancient Israel and the popularity of wine-drinking. The production capacity apparent from archaeological remains and the frequent biblical references to wine suggest that it was the principal alcoholic beverage of the ancient Israelites.

The Bible also speaks of wine in general terms as a bringer and concomitant of joy, particularly in the context of nourishment and feasting.

If you want to read more about this, go here:


From Mr. Food

Our BLT Macaroni Salad is a fantastic way to shake up your traditional BLT; we're using flavorful baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, and bacon to make this easy macaroni salad recipe an all new kind of amazing. Whether your favorite part is the creamy texture, the bursts of fresh tomato flavor, or the delicious crunch of bacon, this twisted up deli salad is a recipe we know you're going to love.


  • 1 pound elbow macaroni
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 8 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • 1/2 cups coarsely chopped baby spinach
  1. Cook macaroni according to package directions. Drain and let cool.
  2. In a large bowl, combine mayonnaise, garlic, salt, and pepper. Add pasta and remaining ingredients; mix well, cover, and refrigerate until ready to serve.


***Just a tip! You may need to add a little extra mayo before serving, if it's a bit drier than you like after refrigeration.

Special birthday today, my neighbor Gerard DeRuyte is celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY!! xo   Gerry with his bride Maria:

Historically this date......
1889 – The Eiffel Tower is officially opened.

1918 – Daylight saving time goes into effect in the United States for the first time.

1930 – The Motion Pictures Production Code is instituted, imposing strict guidelines on the treatment of sexcrimereligion and violence in film, in the U.S., for the next thirty eight years.

1951 – Remington Rand delivers the first UNIVAC I computer to the United States Census Bureau.

1992 – The USS Missouri, the last active United States Navy battleship, is decommissioned in Long Beach, California.


And births this date include....
1929 – Liz Claiborne, Belgian-American fashion designer (d. 2007)

1934 – Richard Chamberlain, American actor

1934 – Shirley Jones, American singer and actress (The Partridge Family)

1935 – Herb Alpert, American trumpeter and band leader

1943 – Christopher Walken, American actor

1945 – Gabe Kaplan, American actor and comedian

1948 – David Eisenhower, American author and professor
.....David and Julie Nixon Eisenhower...

1948 – Rhea Perlman, American actress
All I know. Nuff said. Have a good Wednesday, last day of March. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

On the last Wednesday in March, National Little Red Wagon Day celebrates the memories in the making and the ones already made. One iconic toy wields the power of imagination for adults and children alike as it brings us together to explore, laugh and play. 

For nearly 100 years, Radio Flyer has been bringing smiles to kids of all ages and creating warm memories that last a lifetime. As a brand, Radio Flyer has always supported unstructured outdoor play and its positive impact on children. With their 100th anniversary on the horizon, Radio Flyer would like to establish a day that not only celebrates kids’ imaginations but the vehicles that help them explore it – their wagons.

This iconic toy is one of the most enduring toys of all time. For generations, children have led little red wagons down Independence Day parade routes, carried out infinite imaginary missions and voyages of childhood fantasy. It is not unusual for a little red wagon to be handed down from one generation to the next, treasured like a family heirloom. The adventures are enjoyed by all, regardless of age.


As the weather gets warmer and spring officially begins, use the day to encourage kids to get outside, get active and go wherever their imaginations take them. Use 


Radio Flyer founded National Little Red Wagon Day in honor of its 100th anniversary. The Registrar of National Day Calendar® declared the day in 2016.