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Monday, February 26, 2018

Rain/Snow ~ Pirate Eye Patch ~ Crockpot Chicken Alfredo Ravioli ~ Mark Moran ~ Robyn Mullen ~ Pistachio Day 

Good 34ยบ dark cloudy morning. Rain started in the afternoon and after the wind and the pour, we ended up with about 1/2". The mountains got more snow, the Siskiyou Summit, and some in Medford...

Yesterday chores then a quick run to Ace for cracked corn for my birds. 

Thank you Bobby May, Ace employee, for the compliments on my blog, the sweetness about Jerry and the hugs!! 

This is interesting... why did pirates wear eye patches?

Some assume pirates wore eye patches there to cover a missing eye or an eye that was wounded in battle, but in fact, an eye patch was more likely to be used to condition the eye so the pirate could fight in the dark.
It takes an average human eye about 25 minutes to fully adapt from bright sunlight to seeing in complete darkness—if a pirate was fighting on deck in the light, then had to go under the deck to fight below deck where it is usually pretty dark, that would be a long time to go without being able to see.  The eye patch could be used to prepare one eye to see in the dark, so when they would go below deck they could swap over the eye patch from one eye to the other and see with the eye that has already adjusted to low light conditions. This would allow them to instantly in the dark.

Crockpot Chicken Alfredo Ravioli Casserole
1-1½ pounds boneless skinless chicken, cut into bite sized pieces. I like the thighs best.
2 16oz jars Alfredo sauce
25oz bag frozen or refrigerated ravioli
grated Parmesan cheese, optional
1. Spray your crockpot with cooking spray
2. Place the cup up chicken pieces in the bottom
3. Pour one jar of sauce evenly over the top of the chicken
4. Layer the ravioli evenly over the chicken
5. Pour the second jar of sauce over the ravioli
6. Cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours
7. Serve with the grated Parmesan if desired

Two special birthdays today...........
Mark Moran, husband of the infamous RR Ace Hardware Store manager, Julie.


And it is also the birthday of Robyn Mullen, wife of the infamous Moon (LASD ret). HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!

Historically this date........
1919 – President Woodrow Wilson signs an act of the U.S. Congress establishing most of the Grand Canyon as a United States National Park (see Grand Canyon National Park).

1987 – Iran-Contra affair: The Tower Commission rebukes President Ronald Reagan for not controlling his national security staff.

1993 – World Trade Center bombing: In New York City, a truck bomb parked below theNorth Tower of the World Trade Center explodes, killing 6 and injuring over a thousand.

And births this date include...
1829 – Levi Strauss, German-born clothing designer (d. 1902)
1846 – William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, American frontiersman (d. 1917)

1852 – John Harvey Kellogg, American surgeon and advocate (d. 1943)

1887 – William Frawley, American actor (d. 1966)

1916 – Jackie Gleason, American actor, writer, composer and comedian (d. 1987)

1920 – Tony Randall, American actor (d. 2004)

1928 – Fats Domino, American musician (d.2017)
This brings back so many fun memories!.....

1953 – Michael Bolton, American singer

1958 – Susan J. Helms, American astronaut

Later dinner was a Schwans Pork Potstickers. They come with a sweet soy sauce, but I like the Frank's Sweet Hot Chili Sauce! 

Potstickers were GOOD along with veggies and tomato. I microwaved the potstickers first then put them in the Air Fryer with a drizzle of olive oil and made them crunchy on the outside. Mmmmm...

I watched the Olympics Closing Ceremony which was interesting!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
National Pistachio Day

National Pistachio Day is a nutty day. You can celebrate National Pistachio Day by eating them, and learning more about them. We're going to help with the learning part........ read on.
Nutty Pistachio Facts:
  • Pistachios grow on trees. They are native to the Middle East.
  • Its a long wait to get the first nut. A pistachio tree takes 7-10 years to mature.
  • California is the major producer in the U.S.
  • Pistachios are harvested in September by machines that shake the trees. It less than a minute.
  • The red dye is added to the nuts is only due to consumer demand for the color.
  • Its open hull is unique. The nut is ripe when the hull splits open.
  •  People in the Middle East call it the "smiling nut" and in China its called the "happy nut".
  • Pistachios are nutritious, so eat them up!