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Friday, November 30, 2018

Storm Warning ~ Thankful for AC and Electric Blankets ~ Picture of the Day ~ Driving Under the Influence ~ Breakfast Monkey Bread ~ Computer Security Day

Good 39º dark cloudy morning. 

We have a winter storm warning in this area from 4pm today until 4pm Saturday.

Can you believe it is the last day of November already?? OMGOSH.

Yesterday I got home from Medford, had one of those Asian Chicken Wraps, and then got all the shopping items put away. Then it was work on today's blog a bit. Finally it was wine time!

In the summer I am thankful for Mr. Carrier's invention, the AC! This time of year I am grateful for heaters, wood stoves, and the electric blanket** in my leather recliner!!!

The American physician Sidney Russell invented the first electric blanket in 1912, although there is some dispute among historians as to whether Russell's electric blanket actually was the first.The early electric blankets were used under the bed and radiated heat upward.
An electric blanket is a blanket containing integrated electrical heating wires. There are several types; underblankets, overblankets, throws and duvets. An electric underblanket is placed above the mattress and below the bottom bed sheet. This is the most common type in the UK and Commonwealth countries, where it is known by default as an "electric blanket"; in the U.S. and Canada, where it is less common, it is called an electric heated mattress pad. An electric overblanket is placed above the top bed sheet, and is the most common type in the U.S. and Canada, where it is called an "electric blanket".

Picture of the Day.....
There are just times when this would be apropos...

Interesting about driving under the influence....

Driving Under the Influence (DUI).
The term “under the influence” refers to the fact that drugs and alcohol affect, or “influence”, a person’s behavior. Alcohol is a depressant, which can slow down a person’s motor skills, thus affecting his or her driving ability. Drugs can be either a depressant or a stimulant. In the U.S. driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal.

Some states use other acronyms:
OWI in Indiana and Iowa: Operating While Intoxicated;
OUI in Massachusetts and Rhode Island: Operating Under the Influence;
OVI in Ohio: Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated;
DUII in Oregon: Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants.

Breakfast Monkey Bread

Breakfast Monkey Bread is an easy breakfast bake the whole family will enjoy. Full of cheesy eggs, ham, and broccoli **, this breakfast bake is sure to fill everyone's bellies.
  • 1 (16.3-ounce) package refrigerated biscuits (8 biscuits)
  • 10 eggs
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/2 cups diced ham
  • 1/2 cups frozen broccoli florets, thawed, chopped **
  • 1/4 cups shredded Swiss cheese, divided
  1. Preheat oven to 375º. Coat a 2-1/2-quart casserole with cooking spray.
  2. Slice each biscuit into 6 pieces.
  3. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, salt, and pepper until well mixed. Stir in ham, broccoli, and 1 cup cheese. Add biscuit pieces and toss to coat evenly. Pour mixture into casserole dish.
  4. Bake 45 minutes, or until center is set. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top and return to oven just until cheese is melted.
** If you are not fond of broccoli you could substitute it with chopped green bell peppers or spinach even.

Historically this date......
1902 – American Old West: Second-in-command of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch gang, Kid Curry Logan, is sentenced to 20 years imprisonment with hard labor.

1954 – In Sylacauga, AlabamaUnited States, the Hodges Meteorite crashes through a roof and hits a woman taking an afternoon nap in the only documented case of a 
humanbeing hit by a rock from space

1982 – Michael Jackson's second solo album, Thriller, with producer Quincy Jones was released worldwide and became the biggest-selling album worldwide and still is to this day.

2004 – Longtime Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings of Salt Lake City, Utah finally loses, leaving him with US$2,520,700, television's biggest game show winnings.


And births this date include...
1835 – Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), American writer (d. 1910)
1918 – Efrem Zimbalist Jr., American actor (d.2014)
1926 – Richard Crenna, American actor (d. 2003)
1927 – Robert Guillaume, American actor (d.2017)
1929 – Dick Clark, American television host (d. 2012)

1952 – Mandy Patinkin, American actor and singer

1965 – Ben Stiller, American actor

Later, as usual it was chair, wine, Bruiser in my lap

. and TV.  

All I know. Nuff said. Happy TGIF. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
Computer Security Day is observed annually on November 30.
Identity theft, fake frauds, ransomware viruses and more can make our online experiences challenging.
Below is a checklist you can follow to help secure your computer. Help spread the word on social media using #ComputerSecurityDay to inform others how they can secure their data!
  • Windows Update is enabled.
  • Antivirus software is installed and running.
  • Windows Firewall is turned on.
  • The software on my computer is up to date.
  • Strong passwords are always used.
  • Passwords are not shared or written down.
  • A password is required to access my computer.
  • Unused programs are removed.
  • My home wireless network is secured.
  • My important data is regularly backed up.
  • I use caution when I browse the Internet.
  • I log off the computer when I’m not using it.
  • My web browser does not store or remember my passwords.
  • Temporary Internet files are periodically removed.
The first Computer Security Day was in 1988 started by the Association for Computer Security to raise awareness concerning computer security issues.