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Monday, January 28, 2019

Fog ~ Blue Sky ~ Picture of the Day ~ Pocket Watch History ~ Buffalo Chicken Tot Casserole ~ Dash ~ National Blueberry Pancake Day

Good 37º super foggy morning. Again! 
Yesterday the fog hung around until early afternoon and then the sky cleared and it was beautiful!

Picture of the Day
This shared by my friend Lovella Moore....
About the Pocket Watch, a Very interesting story.
If you were in the market for a watch in 1880, would you know where to get one? You would go to a store, right? Well, of course you could do that, but if you wanted one that was cheaper and a bit better than most of the store watches, you went to the train station!

Sound a bit funny? Well, for about 500 towns across the northern United States , that's where the best watches were found.
Why were the best watches found at the train station? The railroad company wasn't selling the watches, not at all. The telegraph operator was. Most of the time the telegraph operator was located in the railroad station because the telegraph lines followed the railroad tracks from town to town. It was usually the shortest distance and the right-of-way had already been secured for the rail line.
Most of the station agents were also skilled telegraph operators and it was the primary way they communicated with the railroad. They would know when trains left the previous station and when they were due at their next station. And it was the telegraph operator who had the watches. As a matter of fact, they sold more of them than almost all the stores combined for a period of about 9 years.

This was all arranged by "Richard", who was a telegraph operator himself. He was on duty in the North Redwood, Minnesota train station one day when a load of watches arrived from the East. It was a huge crate of pocket watches. No one ever came to claim them. So Richard sent a telegram to the manufacturer and asked them what they wanted to do with the watches. The manufacturer didn't want to pay the freight back, so they wired Richard to see if he could sell them. So Richard did. He sent a wire to every agent in the system asking them if they wanted a cheap, but good, pocket watch. He sold the entire case in less than two days and at a handsome profit. That started it all.
He ordered more watches from the watch company and encouraged the telegraph operators to set up a display case in the station offering high quality watches for a cheap price to all the travelers. It worked! It didn't take long for the word to spread and, before long, people other than travelers came to the train station to buy watches.
Richard became so busy that he had to hire a professional watchmaker to help him with the orders. That was “Alvah".  And the rest is history as they say. The business took off and soon expanded to many other lines of dry goods. Richard and Alvah left the train station and moved their company to Chicago -- and it's still there..
YES, IT'S A LITTLE KNOWN FACT that for a while in the 1880's, the biggest watch retailer in the country was at the train station. It all started with a telegraph operator:
Richard Sears and partner Alvah Roebuck!
Bet You Didn't Know That!
OK, maybe you did;  I didn't!
Now that's History.

On your mark, get set, go! This Buffalo Chicken Tot Casserole will have everyone racing to fill up their plates. The combination of Buffalo wing sauce, chicken breasts, and creamy blue cheese makes this the perfect dish to dish out on game day!


  • 3/4 cup Buffalo wing sauce, divided
  • 3 cooked chicken breasts, cut into 1/2-inch chunks (about 1-1/2 pounds)
  • 1 cup crumbled blue cheese
  • 1/2 (32-ounce) package frozen tater tots
  • 1 cup grated mozzarella cheese
  • 3/4 cup diced celery
  1. Preheat oven to 350 º. Coat a 9- x 13-inch baking dish with cooking spray.
  2. In a large bowl, combine 1/2 cup wing sauce and chicken; toss until evenly coated. Place chicken evenly in baking dish, then sprinkle with blue cheese. Place potato tots over blue cheese, and drizzle with remaining wing sauce.
  3. Bake 35 minutes, then top with mozzarella cheese and bake 5 additional minutes, or until cheese is melted. Sprinkle with celery and serve.

Historically this date......
1887 – In a snowstorm at Fort KeoghMontana, the world's largest snowflakes are reported, 15 inches (38 cm) wide and 8 inches (20 cm) thick.

1915 – An act of the U.S. Congress creates the United States Coast Guard.

1956 – Elvis Presley makes his first US television appearance

1958 – The Lego company patents the design of its Lego bricks, still compatible with bricks produced today.

1980 – USCGC Blackthorn collides with the tanker Capricorn while leaving Tampa Florida and capsizes killing 23 Coast Guard crew members.


And births this date include....
1936 – Alan Alda, American actor, screenwriter, and director
A Hollywood person, married to the same women since 1957!!

1981 – Elijah Wood, American actor

Brian and Tucker came over yesterday to work on a project. Brian discovered a problem in the barn with water on the floor. He figured out it came from the backside of the barn where the hill slopes up from there and caused mud to flow down and pile up on the backside of the barn from all the rain we've had. Mike will be coming out to see what he can do to fix it.
While Brian and Tucker were busy, Dash happily came and sat and napped on my lap, with Dude close by!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo 

At breakfast, add a few blueberries to your pancake, flapjack or hotcake. National Blueberry Pancake Day is observed January 28.
The early pancakes consisted mostly of flour and milk and were more like biscuits. Later, eggs, milk, a leavening agent (such as baking powder) and fat were added creating the fluffier, lighter pancake we know today.
Adding blueberries to the pancake batter when mixing up the ingredients may result in a bluish hue. To avoid this, add them right after dropping dollops of batter to the hot griddle.
Blueberries add a freshness to pancakes and nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese and copper.
Whip up some pancakes with this recipe:  Todd’s Famous Blueberry Pancakes recipe.