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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sunshine/Blue Sky ~ Full Moon ~ Picture of the Day ~ Funny Named Towns in Illinois ~ Moms Tamale Pie Dump Dish ~ National Answer Your Cat's Question Day

Good 33º cloudy ice on the barn roof morning.
Because of the cloud cover here we couldn't see the Blood Wolf Full Moon but this morning there was the full moon......

Yesterday was the first day in a few that we actually saw some blue sky and pretty white clouds instead of the dark and super gloomy ones! So, the sun came and went....
Picture of the Day

Funny Named Towns in Illinois 

from Cliff's blog.....

Geez, what a boring state.  It seems to be all Springfields and Centervilles and Oaklands and This Park and That Grove.  Another common theme is just hijacking a name from someplace else: Columbia, Mt. Vernon, Princeton, Charleston, Paris, Monticello, Lexington, Trenton, Troy …
And some areas of the state just seem to show a determined lack of originality.  So, you’ve got a city named Round Lake, huh?  Well, why not add Round Lake Park, Round Lake Beach, and Round Lake Heights right next to it?  Think you’re already all set with Rockford?  Not so fast.  You’ve got Rockton, Rock Grove, and Rock City to add to the mix too.
It is a big state, though.


Geez, couldn’t this at least have been Muddy Grove?  Muddy Park?  Muddy Heights?  Muddy Landing?
This town of less than 100 is on the Saline River, in the southern part of the state.  It was originally built to house workers – mostly Slovakian immigrants – in a local coal mine.
Muddy’s main claim to fame is once having the smallest post office in the U.S.  A larger one was built in 2002, but the old one is still there.  The town’s also got an old Russian Orthodox church and an historic coal tipple (whatever the heck that is).

Humm Wye

“Why hum?”  “Why not?”  “Because it annoys the hell out of me.  It’s like one step above whistling.”  “Alright, fine.  Whatever.  I’ll stop”
As far as I can tell, a family named Humm lived along a Y in the road here.  We’re back down south for this one, practically across the Ohio River from Kentucky.  And that’s about all I can find out about Humm Wye.


Actually, how Mooseheart actually did get its name.  Turns out the Loyal Order of the Moose have a children’s home here.  Some local congressman, who just so happened to be a member of the group’s Supreme Council, got to name it.
It’s just down the road from Downer’s Grove, by the way.  Almost forgot …  Illinois also includes a Buffalo Hart.


Am I detecting a theme here?  Amidst all those Pleasant Groves and Merrywoods and Sunny Glades, do you think there might be a subtle dark undercurrent to contemporary Illinoisan life?  Downers Grove, Lowpoint.  Downs and Lost Nation are out there too.  I’m just sayin’ …
According to an article in a local paper (thanks Facebook!), I learned that the town happened to be on the lowest point on an early stagecoach line.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on how such a name might subtly affect the subsequent local inhabitants’ outlook on life … though you know it’s gotta take a toll.
It’s in the middle of the state, near Peoria.  Using Google Maps, I can spot a post office, a radio station, a junkyard, a bunch of houses, and not much else.


I definitely would have thought I’d find this one in Washington State.  Or maybe Oregon or Alaska or northern California.  Definitely not Illinois.
Turns out Bigfoot was a guy, a Native American guy – in particular, a chief of the Potawatomi.  A couple of interesting facts about Bigfoot the town:
  • It’s actually half in Illinois and half in Wisconsin.
  • Most people call it Bigfoot Prairie
And they say no remains have ever been found?!?!

Honorable Mention:

  • Junction, Stone, Rock, Big Rock, Flatville, Farmerville, South Standard, La Place, The Burg
  •  Farmer City, Valley City, Clay City, Illinois City, North City, West City, Standard City, Frog City
  •  Perks, Birds, Wing, Golf, Polo, Mode, Time
  • Just a little off color – Effingham (“Hey Doris, where’d you put the effing ham?  Easter’s tomorrow!”), Woody
  • Native American mouthfuls – Pecatonica, Oquawka, Oskaloosa, Kahokia, Kankakee, Kaskaskia, Kickapoo, Aptakisic
  • Just plain weird – Romeoville, Future City*, Prophetstown, Papertown, Teutopolis, Illiopolis, Fancy Prairie, Enchanted Forest, Bible Grove, Lively Grove, Garden of Eden, Cornland, Foosland, Sailor Springs, Bone Gap, Blue Mound, Cave in Rock, Chicago Lawn, Bigneck, Hooppole, Timewell, Carlock, Grand Chain, America, Little America, Space Valley, Pluto Center, Goofy Ridge, Pinkstaff, Roachtown, and - of course - Chicken Bristle
I posted this recipe last year............. but a few new readers and you would enjoy this!
Here is a simple and one of the best recipes ever! It's my Mom's Tamale Pie - easy 'dump' one dish meal.
by Margaret Laney (August 15, 1905 - January 30, 1994)
I have given this recipe to a number of new brides who confessed they couldn't cook and they all said their husbands were thrilled with their cooking after this meal.

1½ pounds lean ground beef
1 large chopped onion
1 medium chopped bell pepper
1 small can corn with pimento
1 standard can whole pitted black olives
2 cans stewed tomatoes
1  can enchilada sauce
1 large bag Fritos
salt to taste
Brown meat, set aside. Cook onion and pepper in small amount of oil until tender. Mix all ingredients together in large casserole dish. Bake 350º 45 minutes.
And if you are like me, and love cheese, add some of that in and sprinkle some on top!
Historically this date....
1947 – KTLA, the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River, begins operation in Hollywood, California.
1957 – The New York City "Mad Bomber", George P. Metesky, is arrested in Waterbury, Connecticut and is charged with planting more than 30 bombs.
1973 – The Supreme Court of the United States delivers its decision in Roe v. Wade, legalizing elective
abortion in all fifty states.
2002 – Kmart becomes the largest retailer in United States history to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
And births this date include....
1909 – Ann Sothern, American actress (d. 2001)
1932 – Piper Laurie, American actress
1934 – Bill Bixby, American actor (d. 1993)
1934 – Graham Kerr, British-born chef
1937 – Joseph Wambaugh, American author

A friend of mine, Jeannie (worked at BofA and is now deceased) said she sat next to him at a dinner once and he was the most obnoxious person she had ever met! Great legacy.
1959 – Linda Blair, American actress
Interestingly enough, the same "Jeannie" and Tom
and my Jerry (LOL Tom and Jerry) and I went to see Linda Blair in The Exorcist!
Scary scary movie!!!
Especially the "guacamole" scene!
1965 – Diane Lane, American actress
   One of my favs... along with her movie Under The Tuscan Sun.

Later dinner was a favorite, Schwans Shrimp Spring Rolls...
Then chair, wine, cat on my lap, and TV.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy back to work/school Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
January 22, 2019 is

National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Ever wondered why your feline companion acts a certain way or starts meowing at you for no apparent reason? Today is the day to unravel the mystery!
Cats and humans have a long and illustrious history of cohabitation. Historians believe that cats were domesticated as early as 12,000 years ago, but we still don’t fully understand each other.
To participate in National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, heighten your awareness of your cat’s needs and recognize when he or she trying to ask you something. Here’s a list of possible cat questions and answers compiled by the California Veterinary Medical Association. Enjoy!