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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Weather ~ Throw Back Thursday ~ Picture of the Day ~ English Bobbies ~ Shrimp/Scallops/Veggies/Udon Noodles ~ Jennifer Pendleton ~ American Pet Photo Day ~ Dude/Bruiser/Dash

Good 56º clear sunny morning. 
Yesterday the clouds, sparse, stayed around until later afternoon.       

We topped at 89º.
Happy Throw Back Thursday... My first dog, Scuffy Ann of Stockbridge. She was a sweetie. Stockbridge was the name of our street.
Picture of the Day

The concept of modern policing has its roots in pre-Victorian England, when the British home minister, Sir Robert Peel, oversaw the creation of London’s first organized police force. Peel’s patrolmen wore black jackets and tall wool hats with badges. They went out armed only with a short club and a whistle for summoning backup. Robert Peel’s system was a success, and by the mid-19th century large American cities had created similar police forces. In London, the policemen were so identified with the politician who created them that they were referred to as “Bobbies,” after the popular nickname for Robert.

I posted this recipe about 5 years ago... 
Dinner started with, "Oh look, there is shrimp in the freezer!"

Ok, so then I thawed the shrimp and some scallops. Then in boiling water, after peeling the shrimp, I added Old Bay Garlic & Herb and some smoky paprika and dried onions. Boiled for 4 minutes, drained.

I sauteed the scallops in hot hot oil, set aside and made the Udon Noodles (I found these in the area where packaged lettuce and spinach are kept refrigerated), according to pkg instructions. I then added in the shrimp and scallops and some diced tomato and peas. If you don't like peas (Jeannie!) you could use broccoli or celery or bell peppers. This was GREAT!
Oh thank Heaven for 7-11! Special birthday today, my daughter-in-love Jennifer Pendleton is celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN! ♥
Jen is a travel agent for Disney and sets up all that is needed for a trip to any of the Disney resorts, and she doesn't charge any fees.
She's on FB and also has a site...
Historically this date.........
1798 – The United States Marine Corps is re-established; they had been disbanded after the American Revolutionary War.
1893 – The first cultured pearl is obtained by Kokichi Mikimoto.
1921 – Former U.S. President William Howard Taft is sworn in as 10th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming the only person to ever be both President and Chief Justice.
1922 – The Hollywood Bowl opens.
  Jerry and I went to some fun concerts there... took our picnic basket.... good times.
2012 – Astronomers announce the discovery of Styx, the fifth moon of Pluto.
And births this date include....
1767 – John Quincy Adams, American politician, 6th President of the United States (d. 1848)
1920 – Yul Brynner, Russian actor (d. 1985)
 ... interesting....

1931 – Tab Hunter, American actor (d.2018)
    ...another interesting story....
1956 – Sela Ward, American actress

1963 – Lisa Rinna, American actress...
   graduate from Medford High School
All I know. Nuff said. Happy TBT. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo

All American Pet Photo Day encourages pet owners to share their favorite pet photos on July 11th. Be sure to charge your camera and be prepared to take adorable pictures of your pets!  
Whether they are four-legged furry kind or come from the more serpentine species, click away. Fishes and birds, pigs and equine, canine and feline should all get in line for their favorite pose. If they are friends, take a few snapshots of them together!  On All American Pet Photo Day, every pet gets included.  
When it comes to capturing the perfect image of your loyal pal, it might take some effort. Like humans, some furry and not so furry friends are camera shy. A pocketful of treats helps ease them into the shot. If bribery doesn’t work, sometimes exercise before the photo shoot will. Another option is misdirection. Focus their attention on another area beyond the lens of the camera, and you might get the picture you want. If all else fails, wait until your sweet companion falls asleep and click away. They’re at the cutest when they’re resting anyway.
Remember to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Don’t let your pet become overheated or over anxious. A stressed pet won’t take a good photo. Defer to your pet’s temperament, toss out the costumes, and accept the blurred selfie.
Dress them up, take them to the park, set them in a chair, put them on a fancy pillow, or whatever your imagination creates for a unique photograph of your loved ones.  Post on social media using #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay.

My dogs.... Dude (when his picture was on The Dog Whisperer TV show.....

... and kissing me when we were riding in my golf cart....

Bruiser....."Why are you taking my picture, mom?"

and granddog, Brian's Dash on the dash of Brian's truck at In-N-Out.....

..... with his Hawaiian shirt his mom and dad brought him from their trip to Hawaii...