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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Clouds Rain Fog ~ Computer ~ Pizza ~ Nancy (Kujala) Sammons ~ Ben Hunt ~ Gator ~ Annalee (Carlin) Fortini ~ Wifi ~ USMC Bear ~ Guacamolé Day

Good 40Âș dark gloomy foggy morning. The rain in the last few days added up to 2". Rained all day yesterday.

Picked up my computer from Turk yesterday afternoon. A quick stop at the dermatologist's office. Dr. Schultz is leaving and opening an office on the coast at Brookings. Will miss him. He's fun, funny, nice, and a great doc! Came home and messed with the computer, re-setting stuff and adding back what was lost.  

Dinner was some of the leftover pizza I got the other day.... thin crust, white sauce, artichokes, olives, mushrooms, green bell pepper. YUMMMMM!!!

Birthdays I didn't get to acknowledge....
Nancy (Kujala) Sammons, my high school locker partner.... she celebrated her special day on the 11th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAL!!

Also celebrating on the 11th was Ben Hunt (LASD ret). HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!
He recently had heart surgery and according to his note to me, he's doing well. Pain still, but I remember Jerry struggling with that pain too after his surgery.

Another pal, Gator (USN ret) had heart surgery recently also. His June said he's doing ok and struggling with that pain too.
Get well soon guys!!!!

Special birthday today is my friend from high school... Annalee (Carlin) Fortini. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE!!! xo

She and her hubby Led own a winery and Anne does home decorating.... Here's their website:

Historically this date..

1889 – The State of Washington is admitted as the 42nd State of the United States.

1926 – The United States Numbered Highway System, including U.S. Route 66, is established.

1967 – Vietnam War: In a propaganda ceremony in Phnom PenhCambodia, threeAmerican prisoners of war are released by the Viet Cong and turned over to "new left" antiwar activist Tom Hayden.

....what an Adam Henry Hayden is... and of course the ex spouse of Jane Traitor Fonda!

And births this date include...
1885 – George S. Patton, American general (d. 1945)

1960 – Stanley Tucci, American actor and director

1964 – Calista Flockhart, American actress

1974 – Leonardo DiCaprio, American actor and producer

Hughes Net will come today and hook up a satellite dish for my wifi. Looking forward to faster and better service. Will let you know.

On the 10th, the Marine Corps Birthday I took my Marine, Brian, this bear.....

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
November 14th


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