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Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 ~ Rose Parade Memories ~ Frank Mize ~ Bloody Mary Day

Good  38ยบ foggy morning.

Keeping it simple today as most everyone is busy. I watched the New Year's festivities last night and today is the Rose Parade.

My Rose Parade memories....
After having marched in the Rose Parade with the LA Sheriff's Boys Band back in 1961 playing the glockenspiel,

and marching the 5½ miles from Orange Grove to Colorado Blvd to Sierra Madre Blvd behind the Sheriff's Mounted and walking through all that horse poo,  I then "worked" the parade as a Reserve Deputy for a number of years.

 We had to be at the command post by 3am for instructions and then we took our positions. Generally I was at the intersection of Orange Grove and Colorado (where the TV cameras were) and one year I escorted Sheriff Sherman Block to his seat in the grandstand on Orange Grove. Another year a bunch of demonstrators sat down in front of the Rose Queen's float and we had to "escort" them off the route behind the stands for questioning. My nephew was watching the parade on TV from Lake Tahoe and called my sister screaming, "Aunt Sue is on the TV!!!". Another year I worked on Sierra Madre keeping an intersection clear for emergency vehicles. A man who seemed to be 12' tall put his chair down in the wrong place. I, in my nicest way, told him he can't sit there. He stood up, my face was opposite his belt buckle (TALL MAN!) and he was acting irritated. I kept talking to him and he seemed to relax and back up. I thought I was really doing good! Then, I glanced over my shoulder and there was a Sgt and 4 deputies!! LOL. Yep, backup is the BEST! Anyway, good memories of the parade!

Today is my neighbor Frank's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK!!!
Love this...taking Lucy for a ride on the quad taking' the trash can to the road!
I really am Blessed to have such great neighbors!!!!!

Historically this date...
1890 – The Tournament of Roses Parade in PasadenaCalifornia, is first held.

1902 – The first American college football bowl game, the Rose Bowl between Michigan and Stanford, is held in Pasadena.

1908 – For the first time, a ball is dropped in New York City's Times Square to signify the start of the New Year at midnight.

1934 – Alcatraz Island becomes a United States federal prison.

1962 – United States Navy SEALs established.

1971 – Cigarette advertisements are banned on American television.

And births this date include....
1735 – Paul Revere, American patriot (d. 1818)

1752 – Betsy Ross, American seamstress (d. 1836)

1895 – J. Edgar Hoover, American FBI director (d. 1972)

1930 – Ty Hardin, American film actor (d.2017)

1935 – B. Kliban, American cartoonist (d. 1990)
"Love to eat them mousies. Mousies what I love to eat. Bite they little heads off, nibble on they tiny feet."

All I know. Nuff said. Happy New Year. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
National Bloody Mary Day

History of Bloody Mary Day: