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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tucker's Baseball Game ~ Depot Street Bridge ~ Brush-hogger Dave ~ Rain ~ Movie "Joy" ~ Vanilla Pudding

Good 48º cloudy drizzling morning.
Was quite cloudy in the morning yesterday.

Sun came and went and so did the rain. I think we hit 65º.
Yesterday morning Tucker's baseball game was at 9am. I went to that....

Came home...... Rogue River's Depot Street Bridge...

When I got home Dave had already started the brush-hogging...

He worked at it until 7pm and part of the time he was out there it POURED rain!!! That guy is one tough dude!!! He said he did the hardest part yesterday and will probably return today to finish up.

Historically this date..
1906 – The Wright brothers are granted U.S. patent number 821,393 for their "Flying-Machine".

1915Lassen Peak erupts with a powerful force, and is the only mountain other thanMount St. Helens to erupt in the contiguous US during the 20th century.

1942 – World War II: Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox enlists in the United States Marine Corps as a flight instructor.

1960 – An earthquake measuring 9.5 on the moment magnitude scale, now known as the Great Chilean Earthquake, hits southern Chile. It is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded.

1968 – The nuclear-powered submarine the USS Scorpion sinks with 99 men aboard 400 miles southwest of the Azores.

1992 – After 30 years, 66-year-old Johnny Carson hosts The Tonight Show for the last time.

2004 – The U.S. town of Hallam, Nebraska, is wiped out by a powerful F4 tornado(part of the May 2004 tornado outbreak sequence) that broke a width record at an astounding 2.5 miles (4.0 km) wide, which kills one resident.

2008 – The Late-May 2008 tornado outbreak sequence unleashes 235 tornadoes, including an EF4 and an EF5 tornado, between May 22 and May 31, 2008. The tornadoes struck 19 states and one Canadian province.

2011 – An EF5 Tornado strikes Joplin, Missouri killing 161 people, the single deadliest tornado in the United States since modern record keeping began in 1950.

And births this date include....
1938Richard Benjamin, American actor
.....still married to Paula Prentis!

1940 – Michael Sarrazin, Canadian actor (d. 2011)

1942 – Barbara Parkins, Canadian actress

Later I was feeling lousy. Cold coming on... sneezing, coughing, runny nose. ICK!!! Took Zycam and drank hot tea. Was not in the mood for dinner. Some better today. Will continue with the Zycam and eating light. 

This is the movie I watched Saturday evening...
Pal Linda had told me about it and she liked, so I found and recorded it. Called "Joy".

It was a totally weird flick. About a woman, Jennifer Lawrence played Joy, who invented the Miracle Mop
The cast of characters is wild.... Joan River's daughter plays Joan, a number of the names are so very familiar, but I didn't recognize them. The whole movie is around a totally dysfunctional family...

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
May 22nd
National Vanilla Pudding Day

Vanilla Pudding History

May 22 is National Vanilla Pudding Day, but what we enjoy today is far different from the dish’s origins.
Culinary historians believe that the precursor of vanilla pudding originated in earl early medieval Europe, an evolution of an Arab pudding-like dish of rice and almonds. The oldest recipe known dates back to the early 13th century, a translation that is believed to have been based on a manuscript from the 12th century or earlier.
Over the centuries, the recipe turned into blancmange (pronounced blah-MOHNJ), meaning “white dish,” from the Old French blanc mangier. This dish was enjoyed by Europe’s wealthy during the Middle Ages. It appears frequently in recipe collections of the time from all over the Continent, and is called one of “the few truly international dishes of medieval and early modern Europe.”*
*Source: Wikipedia.

The dish is referred to in the prologue to Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and in an early 15th century cookbook written by the chefs of Richard II. We first came across the reference as a child, in the book Little Women.

Originally a white stew, the key ingredients of the original blancmange were milk or almond milk, sugar and shredded capon or fish. In the 17th century, the meat was dropped and the dish evolved into a dessert pudding made with cream and eggs (and, later, gelatin*). In the 19th century, arrowroot and cornstarch were added and the dish evolved into the final, modern blanc mange, known in the U.S. as vanilla pudding (and originally known as cornstarch pudding).