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Friday, July 10, 2015

Storm ~ Tarweed Spraying ~ Bruiser ~ Salad Rerun ~ Piña Colada

Good 62º cloudy morning.

92º at 2pm
Yesterday thunder started at 3:40pm
Rain started just a few minutes after 4pm yesterday and after 19 minutes we got 1/4". After 40 minutes we had 1/2". It came down in buckets! I texted Brian we were getting the rain. He had heard the thunder. Walked outside his office and saw lighten strike across on the mountain and start a fire!

Wind blowing rain all over the north side of the house!


I'm sorry, as I know these photos will make you in "no rain forever zones" pea green!

Yesterday Ted got here at 5:30am to spray the pastures. He did all that and then the areas down in front of the house towards the gate.Then he sprayed the berry bushes. He was here until 10:30.

When the rain started I called Ted and told him and worried that it would affect the spraying he did earlier. He said since it had 6 hours to dry in the heat it would be fine. Good thing! That was expen$ive!
Then... I mowed the front lawn. UGH.
A couple of special people having birthdays today.... Kristen's bestest friend Leticia. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LETICIA!

And my friend Mike Salvatore (LASD ret) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!
Historically this date...
1850 – Millard Fillmore is inaugurated as the 13th President of the United States upon the death of President Zachary Taylor, 16 months into his term.

1913 – Death ValleyCalifornia hits 134 °F (~56.7 °C), the highest temperature recorded in the United States.

2005 – Hurricane Dennis slams into the Florida Panhandle, causing billions of dollars in damage.

And births this date include....
1839 – Adolphus Busch, German-born brewer (d. 1913)

1926 – Fred Gwynne, American actor (d. 1993)

1931 – Nick Adams, American actor (d. 1968)

1947 – Arlo Guthrie, American musician
..............good grief!

1957 – Cindy Sheehan, American anti-war/political activist
ADAM HENRY! Attention whore! (and a few other expelitives!)

1972 – Sofia Vergara, Colombian actress
.... something about her accent makes me want to throw up!

1980 – Jessica Simpson, American singer
.... no, Jessica, Chicken of the Sea is NOT chicken! Duh.

This is the reason that sometimes I can't get anything done on my computer!

Later was salad and corn on the cob for dinner and TV....
All I know. Nuff said. Happy TGIF. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 10th
National Piña Colada Day

According to the book “La Gran Cocina Del Caribe” by José L. Díaz de Villega, the Piña Colada made its debut on August 16, 1954 at the Caribe Hilton’s Beachcomber Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a watering hole for a star-studded clientele. The hotel management had requested that bartender Ramón “Monchito” Marrero create a new signature cocktail. Marrero worked for three months on the recipe.
Piña is Spanish for pineapple, and colada means strained; the drink is usually served blended with ice. The Piña Colada has been the official beverage of Puerto Rico since 1978.



  • 2 ounces white rum
  • 1 ounce coconut cream (e.g., Coco Lopez)
  • 1 ounce heavy cream
  • 6 ounces fresh pineapple juice*
  • ½ cup crushed ice
  • Garnishes: pineapple wedge and maraschino cherry

    1. COMBINE the rum, coconut cream, heavy cream and pineapple juice in a blender. Add the ice and blend for about 15 seconds or until smooth.
    2. POUR into a 12-ounce glass. Garnish with a fresh pineapple wedge and a maraschino cherry.
    *The difference between a good and great Pina Colada is the difference between canned and fresh pineapple juice


    Lydia said...

    So Happy to hear you got rain. Our turn is coming.

    I am fascinated by Sophia Vegara's accent. While thick- she articulates so clearly. That takes effort.

    Reading the pineapple recipe - it is correct. When pineapple is an ingredient- fresh is always superior to canned.

    Anonymous said...

    You are right! We are pea green in this drought state! Lucky you all! Glad it didn't affect your spraying. It is expensive to keep up all that acreage like you have.

    I just love Sophia's accent. In one episode the others were making fun of her accent so she dropped it entirely and somehow she lost her sex appeal when she did that. I have seen her on talk shows and she does speak with that accent normally. What a beauty too.

    What is it with cats and the keyboard/computer? Edda says her cats do the same thing. I would just pick up those suckers and set them on the floor. LOL

    XO Trisha

    Oregon Sue said...

    See L and T, different strokes for different folks. I can't stand Sophia! Anyone who acts pretentious is a big turn off to me.

    No, if you had a cat and he/she wanted to be close to you and lay on your keyboard you would let it happen! xo