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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Temple Videos ~ Corned Beef Veggie Soup ~ Wino Saur ~ Goose & Gander ~ Cindy Mize ~ Wheel of Fortune

Good 44º dark cloudy windy morning.
Here are a couple short videos re the shooting at Temple Station on the 20th

Yesterday I took the remainder of the veggies and corned beef and made soup... adding in noodles, garlic salt, and chicken stock...

   Super Good!!!!

I got my newest shirt.... ready for warmer weather...

Yesterday the two geese (original visitors) showed up out front honking. I went out and gave them a snack....

Canadian Geese mate for life. This female (on the right) is the chatty one! LOL.

Today is my neighbor's birthday.. Cindy Mize. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY!!!
Cindy and Frank are the BEST neighbors anyone could ask for!!

Historically this date...........

1621 – The Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony sign a peace treaty with Massasoit of theWampanoags.

1622 – Jamestown massacreAlgonquian Indians kill 347 English settlers aroundJamestown, Virginia, a third of the colony's population.

1630 – The Massachusetts Bay Colony outlaws the possession of cards, dice, and gaming tables.

1638 – Anne Hutchinson is expelled from Massachusetts Bay Colony for religious dissent.
..............I have to say, thank goodness I didn't live during that time with all the turmoil that went on.....

1943 – World War II: the entire population of Khatyn in Belarus is burnt alive byGerman occupation forces.
...........sickening. Too bad Hitler didn't live so he could be tortured and burned and stabbed and kicked and..........

1984 – Teachers at the McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach, California are charged with satanic ritual abuse of the children in the school. The charges are later dropped as completely unfounded.
.....makes you wonder WHAT really went on....

1997 – Tara Lipinski, age 14 years and 10 months, becomes the youngest champion women's World Figure Skating Champion.

2006 – Three Christian Peacemaker Team hostages are freed by British forces inBaghdad after 118 days of captivity and the murder of their colleague, American Tom Fox.
.... a good person who tried to help and was killed for his efforts.

And births this date include....
1908 – Louis L'Amour, American author (d. 1988)
Jerry loved his books. Read all of them!

1912 – Karl Malden, American actor (d. 2009)

1923 – Marcel Marceau, French mime artist (d. 2007)
...there you go Brian... a clown and a mime all in one ... two of your favorites!

1931 – William Shatner, Canadian actor

1976 – Reese Witherspoon, American actress and film producer

On Wheel of Fortune all the below had been guessed ....

and then the contestant suggested a "K" for the blank!!! OMG!!! LOL!!!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Hump Day. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 22nd
National Goof Off Day

Now here's a day that just about everybody can relax and enjoy. It's a day to do anything and everything.....except what you're supposed to do today.
Assuming you won't get in trouble at work or school, go ahead and play some golf, or play games all day. Spend extra time surfing the net. Go out and spend the day window shopping with your favorite friend. Or, just read sit down and read a book or watch Tv. This day is set aside for you to do anything you enjoy doing.

A few years ago, a survey was performed to identify the most popular activity for goofing off. The top activity was playing video games. Who conducted the survey? surprise. It kinda makes you wonder just who might have had the brainstorm to create this day......hmmmm. Nowadays, the most popular Goof Off Day activity is likely playing games on the internet, or on our Smart Phones.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rain ~ Temple Station Shooting ~ Corned Beef Egg Rolls ~ French Bread

Good 46º rainy morning.

Well, yesterday was NOT Spring-like. Rain, fog, gloom. YUCK.

The sun did come out for a bit and Dude thoroughly enjoyed laying in it. More rain in the night, another inch!

A shooting occurred in the parking lot of Temple City Sheriff's Station...

 no deputy injured... suspect was wearing body armor and had a long rifle or shotgun. Suspect 927d (dead).

Apparently he went inside the station to register as a sex offender and found out there was a warrant for his arrest. He went back to his car, followed by deputies, then he started shooting at them. He committed suicide. The whole area had been blocked off and even the school where Kristen works in San Gabriel was on lockdown.

Historically this date...

1857 – An earthquake in TokyoJapan kills over 100,000.

1928 – Charles Lindbergh is presented with the Medal of Honor for the first solo trans-Atlantic flight.

This man may have been brilliant but he was a sexual nut case! He was married only to Anne, having 6 children, but then was with Brigitte and had 3 children, with Marietta (sister of Brigitte!) he had 2 children, and with Valeska had 2 children. 13 children in all! 
With Anne Morrow Lindberg:
Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr.
Jon Lindbergh
Land Morrow Lindbergh
Anne Spencer Lindbergh (Perrin)
Scott Lindbergh
Reeve Lindbergh (Brown)
With Brigitte Hesshaimer:
Dyrk Hesshaimer
Astrid Hesshaimer Bouteuil
David Hesshaimer
With Marietta Hesshaimer:
Vago Hesshaimer   (ah ha..... a motorcycle gangster! LOL)
Christoph Hesshaimer
With Valeska (surname unk):
a son (name unknown)
a daughter (name unknown)

1935 – Shah Reza Pahlavi formally asks the international community to call Persia by its native name, Iran, which means 'Land of the Aryans.'

1965 – Martin Luther King, Jr. leads 3,200 people on the start of the third and finally successful civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

1999 – Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones become the first to circumnavigate the Earthin a hot air balloon.

And births this date include....
1910 – Julio Gallo, American vintner (d. 1993)

1946 – Timothy Dalton, British actor

1962 – Matthew Broderick, American actor

If you have a Power Air Fryer, like I do, and have leftover corned beef, here's a super good easy recipe...

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 21st


National French Bread Day is enjoyed by millions across the United States each year on March 21st.
French bread, also known as a baguette, is a long thin loaf made from basic lean dough. It is defined by its length and its crisp crust. Over time, French law has established what is and what is not a baguette.  Beginning in 1920 a labor law prevented bakers from starting their day before 4 a.m.  Bakers adjusted by shaping their loaves of bread, so they baked more quickly and evenly.  As a result, the long, narrow loaves were found to be convenient for slicing and storing. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

SPRING! ~ WD-40 ~ Sun & Rain ~ Brian/Sami/Kristen/Alex/Jack ~ 1960's Quiz ~ Sandy & Jerom ~ Peanut Butter Pound Cake ~ Ravioli Day

Good 53º foggy morning.
Today is the first day of Spring....

The March equinox is today, March 20, 2017 at 6:29 A.M. EDT.
Astronomically speaking, the equinox falls on March 19 or 20 every year, marking spring’s beginning in the Northern Hemisphere (whereas it announces fall’s arrival in the Southern Hemisphere). The equinox happens at the same moment worldwide, even if our clock times reflect a different time zone.

Ok, since Spring is here, these are good tips from WD-40:
Time to get that spring cleaning checklist ready. To make this year’s cleaning a little easier, pick up a can of WD-40® Multi-Use Product and use it to:
Remove gunk and grime from sliding window and door tracks
Lubricate vacuum cleaner wheels
Shine stainless steel appliances
Plus, my favorite is to spray the engine compartment of your vehicle to keep critters from chewing on the soy based wire coating under there. Thanks to Barry Perrou (LASD ret.) for that bit of wisdom as it cost me $750 to have my wiring harness on my last car replaced due to it being chewed on. Now, no more of those problems!!!

Yesterday we did get sun in 5 minute spurts about 5 or 6 times.  "Chance of rain" for most all of this next week. Rain started in about 5:30 pm and we got 1/4". Just prior to that the clouds were beautiful...

The turkeys arrived late in the morning. and held down the bridge out back...

Sorry, that's my clothesline in the way!
Brian and Sami went to Disneyland for the weekend and met up with Kristen, Alex, and Jack for breakfast yesterday at Downtown Disney ( This apparently is a shopping and eating area outside of Disneyland, that I have never been to...

I graduated high school in the 60's, got married in the 60's, became a mom in the 60's. I aced this!! See if you can.

Today my high school pal Sandy (Todoran) and her hubby Jerome Beck celebrate their 35th Wedding Anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY kids! xo
Sandy and Jerome with their grandchildren, 2014.

Historically this date....

1974 – Ian Ball attempts, but fails, to kidnap Her Royal Highness Princess Anne and her husband Captain Mark Phillips in The Mall, outside Buckingham PalaceLondon.

1985 – Libby Riddles becomes the first woman to win the 1,135-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

1990 – Ferdinand Marcos's widow, Imelda Marcos, goes on trial for bribery,embezzlement, and racketeering.

1999 – Legoland California, the only Legoland outside of Europe, opens in Carlsbad, California.

2000 – Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, a former Black Panther once known as H. Rap Brown, is captured after murdering Georgia sheriff's deputy Ricky Kinchen and critically wounding Deputy Aldranon English.

2003 – 2003 invasion of Iraq: In the early hours of the morning, the United States and three other countries begin military operations in Iraq.

And births this date include....
1906 – Ozzie Nelson, American bandleader and actor (d. 1975)

1922 – Carl Reiner, American film director

1928 – Fred Rogers, American TV host (d. 2003)

1931 – Hal Linden, American actor

1935 – Ted Bessell, American actor (d. 1996)

1937 – Jerry Reed, American singer and actor (d. 2008)
Later yesterday I made the Peanut Butter Pound Cake....

Addictive! Next time I won't put the chopped peanuts on top though. Just like the creamy taste best.

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 20th


National Ravioli Day is observed each year on March 20th.  As one of the food holidays, it is very popular with pasta lovers.

Ravioli are a traditional type of Italian filled pasta, made up of a filling sealed between two layers of thin egg pasta dough. The ravioli are usually served in either a broth or with a pasta sauce.  A variety of filling recipes are available from cheesy to meaty.
Served often as the main course, ravioli can also be a side dish or even an appetizer. Many popular recipes bake or deep fry the ravioli. With chocolate added to the pasta or cream cheese stuffing and a caramel sauce, the dish quickly becomes a dessert!
Ravioli can be homemade or may be purchased fresh or frozen in grocery stores.  In the United States, Chef Boyardee popularized the canned ravioli.  This ravioli is filled with either beef or processed cheese and served in a tomato, tomato-meat or tomato-cheese sauce.  St. Louis, Missouri is where the toasted ravioli got its start.

I love to take the fresh refrigerated ravioli and fry it crispy, then use a marinara sauce for dipping. Reallllllly good!!!

And now with my Air Fryer, this will be great!