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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Harley Scoot ~ Sami & Tucker ~Back to the 50's ~ Raspberry Cake

Good 53º gonna be another hot one morning.

For you Wilsonites... here's Jim Harper claiming his 10 minutes of fame...
javascript:NewWindow(600,700,'/apps/pbcs.dll/misc?URL=/global/zoom.pbs&Site=NA&Date=20110730&Category=SPORTS&ArtNo=110739995&Ref=AR&Profile=1070&s=0&t=0&Z='+encodeURIComponent('Shannon Litz/Nevada Appeal  George Bohl, 79, of Dayton, Jim Harper, 66, of Carson City and Derick Holland, 23, of Carson City, say good game following their pickleball match at Mills Park.')+'&P='+encodeURIComponent(''));
Published in the Nevada Appeal...
George Bohl, 79, of Dayton, Jim Harper, 66, of Carson City and Derick Holland, 23, of Carson City, say good game following their pickleball match at Mills Park.

And got this picture from Patty, she and Cliff are at their place in Gold Beach... son Chuck, his wife Linda, and her relative Susan are there for the weekend. Chuck caught his biggest salmon ever... 30 pounds ..

Way cool Chuck!

Went to PJ and Dave's yesterday morning and put the 'girls' out in Al-Cat-Traz, Neko and Rio........

Fed the koi...

Stopped and talked to neighbor Maria. She and Gerard are now housing their granddog, Kelly. She is old like Maggie and the new pups their son and dil have do not make Kelly happy. She and Maggie swapped spit...

Brian, Tucker, and Sami showed up to help with the Harley.

Kids and I and Maggie took a ride to the pond...

Tucker is a photographer too!

...and B got the scoot on the trailer

and we stopped at Napa for a new lower hitch ...

and then to GP Motors ...

where it was put on consignment. The bike will be posted on their site with picture ( ) ..Vicky and Ken ..

Good people. Nice.

I cried all the way home though. Darn. It's hard to deal with some of these things. We had a lot of fun on that scoot... lots of good memories riding with friends and with the Choirboys. Anyway, back home, unhooked the trailer, but it's so HEAVY I couldn't get it up the incline into the barn. It will be fine there for a while, weather won't bother it.

It was 93º by the time I decided I'd go to  to GP and meet up with Jeannie and Bill and their pals Donna and Dan and watch the parade of cars. We had wine at the Elks first and blabbed and blabbed about everything! Donna is funny and has had some neat life experiences. Then we stood on the corner and saw so many neat cars. Lots of them up from California for the event.

I thought this was the gay corner and they were both sitting in the same chair... but no, just weird camera angle....

After the parade of cars we went back to Billy & Jeannie's MH and had a wine ... then I came home and put in the cats, fed Maggie and Harley, and it was pj time. Nice evening. Had a ball. Nothing better than good friends when you are in the dumps!

Historically this date.....

781 – The oldest recorded eruption of Mt. Fuji (Traditional Japanese date: July 6, 781).
   Camp Fuji, or as Jerry called it 'Fuji McNair' where he was stationed when in Japan. It's a USMC installation.  
for you Jarheads, this is an interesting read:
1971Apollo program: Apollo 15 astronauts become the first to ride in a lunar rover.

And births this date include...
1929 – Don Murray, American actor

1932Ted Cassidy, American actor (d. 1979)

  'Lurch' on the Adams Family... died at 46. 6'9" tall.

1939France Nuyen, French actress

LOVED South Pacific the movie!!!

1965 – J. K. Rowling, British writer

I sure wish I had thought up the stories she did!!!!!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
July 31st
National Raspberry Cake Day