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Friday, September 28, 2012

Road Rage ~ Sandy & "Da Pulley" ~ Willie ~ Pork Tacos ~ Pie and Beer

Good 50º morning. Too warm for me! Going to be 90º again today. UGH.

This from my friend Art Throckmorton in Vegas!
Thanks for the laughs Art!
You will be tickled at the creativity of this individual! The car straight ahead #1 won't let the other vehicle #2 on the left merge... Pay back Adam Henry! LOL

Today there are special birthdays.... my friend Sandy (Todoran Kraut Beck) who has been a pal since 9th grade.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDY!!!!

... and "Da Pulley" (nickname given to Terry by Jerry!) ... Terry Polley, former station mechanic at Temple ... who is still 'workin' on cars...... up in Idaho now!

Terry.... you and Sandy share your birthday with some interesting people!!! Ha ha ha....

Historically lots of stuff happened. Nuff said.

And births this date include...
551 BCConfucius, Chinese philosopher (d. 479)

1836Thomas Crapper, English inventor (d. 1910)

1901 – Ed Sullivan, American television show host (d. 1974)

1934Brigitte Bardot, French actress

1987 – Hilary Duff, American actress and singer

Yesterday I went into Grants Pass for errands and then met up with Jeannie and Bill at the Elk's Lodge to wish Willie the Bartender a Happy Birthday!
I guess it's a good thing that Bill didn't get this too focused!

Came home and Jeannie had given me some of the pulled pork she had made so I put it in tortillas with cheese and tomatoes. GOOD!!!!!! Thanks Jeannie!!!! ♥

All I know. Nuff said. TGIF. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
September 28th
Strawberry Cream Pie Day

Drink Beer Day

Now, Bill was drinking this yesterday and it looks/sounds good. Gonna have to buy some!