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Friday, November 29, 2013

~ T-Day Parade Football Friends Family Food ~

Good 32ยบ very foggy morning. Foggy in spots coming home from dinner at Jean's last night. Hate driving in the fog, especially on a holiday with all the drunk and nut cases on the road. Saw a few! Wished I'd had my whooo whoooo and blinky blinky!!!

Coming up....

As for football yesterday....

Your WD-40 tips of the day:
  • Erase marks caused by chair backs on wall running boards (just spray on a rag and wipe)
  • Lubricate stubborn hinges on folding tables and chairs
  • Remove tough grease stains from tile countertops


    PICTURE of the day...
    This is the current picture on my desktop....

    On line when you want to read a news item and instead it's a video, irritating to say the least, but then there is a commercial proceeding the news... and usually it's been that red-lipped beeeotch, "Flo" from Progressive (liberal left-wing conservative hating owned company) insurance. GAWD I can't stand her! ... and the company!!! I equate her face with that of Miley (gag) and Lady Gaga (gag)

    And..... while I'm on this rant, I was watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and ON THE SESAME STREET float a rapper was rapping! OMG! Come on! Rap? Really? I wouldn't let my trustees at ELA play rap on the radio in the carwash area!!! GAG!!!!!  The US Marine Band was AWESOME! The best! OOOOH RAH!


    Historically this date.....
    1877Thomas Edison demonstrates his phonograph for the first time.
    1929 – U.S. Admiral Richard Byrd becomes the first person to fly over the South Pole.
    1990Gulf War: The United Nations Security Council passes two resolutions to restore international peace and security if Iraq did not withdraw its forces from Kuwait and free all foreign hostages by January 15, 1991.

    And births this date include...
    1896Yakima Canutt, American actor and stuntman (d. 1986)
    Interesting how he got his name, it sounds American Indian, not.
    1927Vin Scully, American baseball announcer
    1955 – Howie Mandel, Canadian comedian
    Thanksgiving dinner was at Jen's mother Jean's. (Jean and I became widows within 6 months of each other when Tucker lost both his grandpas!) Anyway, she's a great cook, has a beautiful home, and we had a good time. Company up from CA was Jen's pal Sandy, her daughter Paige, and son Zack. John stayed behind to be with his dad. (Missed you John.) They also brought the DARLING of the family, Zoe!

    I snuck her some turkey periodically! She was my shadow!
    Brian Jen Tucker and Sami.... darling family!!
    Me with my baby girl....
    And of course, we missed you Tootie, Alex and Jack!!! ...And Brian's Italian bro, Alex Pooblie! ... And Jen's brother, Jimmy!  Hope you all had a good day!
    Dinner ... turkey, stuffing, mashed white and mashed roasted sweet, Jell-O salad, cranberry sauce, gravy, green beans, deviled eggs, pineapple, stuffed celery, and my Mother's Rolls.

    LOOK.... Brian actually ate 1 green bean!
    I do know some folks who are actually getting out amongst them and shopping today. (Nutz!) Hope you all have a nice 'day after'. The only thing wrong with not cooking T-Day dinner is NO LEFTOVERS!  :o(
    All I know. Nuff said. Happy 'Black Friday'? Ciao.
    xo Sue Mom Bobo
    Black Friday, or Retail Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It is one of the two busiest shopping days of the year. In case you didn't know, the other busiest shopping day is the day after Christmas, when throngs of shoppers, on holiday vacation, mob the stores to use gift certificates they received, and to exchange merchandise.  Why Black?? In the world of accountants, red signifies a loss, and black signifies a profit. For many retailers, the Christmas holiday sales season  represents one half to three quarters of their annual sales. Often, retailers are losing money , until holiday sales begin. Holiday sales formally begin on the day after Thanksgiving. So, Black Friday represents that turning point,. from a loss towards big profits!  We hope you enjoy Black Friday almost as much as the retailers do!   Wild as it may seem, there is another interesting special day, celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving. It is called Buy Nothing Day.