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Friday, August 22, 2014

All Natural Pest ~ Chili Chicken Pasta ~ Picture of the Day

Good 52º morning.

No relief from the heat. Yesterday it was 94º. "They" say for today only 83º. Do I believe that? No.

Yesterday after Jack put out traps for the digger squirrels Chad and Darin showed up.. .also from All Natural Pest and started putting wire mesh under the eves of the barn that were left open. The barn has lots of bird poop and bat poo in there. This will keep them out. Chad also found a wasp nest and took care of that. Not an easy job since the eves are 2 stories high!

There was a rain gutter on the back side that had come loose, and they fixed that too!!! Wow.

This sounds wonderful!

Historical haps
1939 Valerie Harper, 1947 Cindy Williams, 1970 Giada De Laurentiis ...

(this is one photo, not four ... look carefully!)

All I know. Happy TGIF. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
August 22nd

Be an Angel Day encourages us to do acts of kindness, and to help others.
This special day has strong religious roots. Jayne Howard Feldman, the creator of this day, says she was inspired by angels to create this day on August 22.
The objective of this day is to be like an angel, and do something good or kind for someone. It encourages us to be God's servant in doing good things for others. It is intended to do something nice or kind for someone who is in need of help. The type of angelic help you can offer is not defined or limited. It can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.
Be an Angel Day is for both the giver and the receiver. If you are the receiver, make certain to express openly your appreciation. And, recognize the angel in your life as being sent from God.