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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day ~ Shopping ~ Ben ~ Nancy ~ Tortilla Bowl Dinner

Good 34º foggy morning.

To all Veterans on this special day of remembrance I salute you!
All the veterans I know:
my Dad: Leslie Laney USN WWI
my brothers-in-law: Joe Mueller USA Korea, Bill Plumbridge USN
nephews: Jim and Bob Plumbridge USN
Jerry, Brian, Alex, USMC

Bill Patterson, Sid Heal, Rod Johnson, Jon Austin, Mel Nix, Lynn Crowell, Sally Harwell, Andy Nantz, Terry Bonyea USMC
All the Rogue Valley Marine Corps League

Joe Kirk, Don Davies, Lynn Helbing, Moon Mullen, Spike Dammer, Ben Hunt, Ron Wisberger, Spencer Norman, Jim Harper, Jim Pierce, Greg Lundell, George "Gator" Hill USN

Dale Yellin, Gabe Ramirez, David Perry USArmy

Dan Patz  USAF

And those who served but I don't know which banch:
Mike Centofante, Richard Steinhurst, Gar Austin

If you served and I don't have you listed, please let me know.
To all of you I thank you. God Bless you all!


Two special friend's birthdays today... Ben Hunt, LASD ret... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN~!

And my high school locker partner, Nancy Kujala Sammons! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!!! xoxo

Shopping yesterday at Harry & David

(Max the Moose),
 Costco, and Cash &! At Harry & D I got: Pumpkin Pecan and White Chocolate Cranberry coffees... Snapea Caesar Bacon Crisps, and apple beer!

At Costco I got a new phone system with 4 phones! Now I don't have to carry one around with me and forget where I set it down!!!

And at Cash & Carry I got grape seed oil, vegetable and clam base for soups etc, 'infused rice' which is a long grain rice, partially cooked, and infused with "Mexican flavor" !

I also picked up Maggie a new bed, cat food, dog chews and bones, and lemon juice! Even though it was a Saturday, it was fun. Gotta say, I wore my USMC sweat shirt and didn't see ONE guy with a USMC hat or shirt on!! Surprising.

I love it... ask my son Brian a question and with his delicious (pun) sense of humor he answers.... Thanksgiving dinner will be at Jen's mom's house. Family friends and relatives will be there from So. Cal. I asked Brian, "What do you want me to bring for Thanksgiving?" .... his answer:

"I would like Prime Rib, fresh corn on the cob, deviled eggs, watermelon, lemon cake, more lemon cake, fried okra, gumbo, a few rainbow rolls, albacore sashimi, a whole rack of lamb, sugar free gluten free butterscotch cookies, peanut butter balls, 1 cherry slurpee, 3 all beef hot dogs no bun, curly fries, and mint chip ice cream."

Brian is funny and always makes Kristen and I laugh! He doesn't like okra, gumbo, lamb, or probably some of the other things he mentioned! I will make deviled eggs. I will make cheesecake if Jen doesn't. And anything else I can contribute.... Mom's Rolls probably too.

Ok, now that the elections are over with........ I should get up my Christmas lights.... ah, yes. There they are. Whew, glad that's done!

Dinner was also interesting... a good way to handle leftovers or..... whatever... baked tortilla, layered in quinoa and bean mixture, shredded chicken, Pico Pica sauce, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream. Added the rest of the "Halloween" corn chips... and voilá!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bob
National Sundae Day