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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rain! ~ Banjo Country ~ Celtic Thunder ~ Feral Cat & Liqueur Day

Good 60º raining morning! 60º !!!! Sheesh. Like a summer day. We did get quite the amount of rain over night...

That's 1¼ inches!

Looked like this all day yesterday...

Headed out in the afternoon to deliver some yard signs for my friend Doug Breidenthal, running for Jackson Co Commissioner, and had to go up Foots Creek Road. Never been up there before. Could not find one of the addresses. I felt as if any minute the banjos would start playing! I saw this address:
A relative? Don't think so.

Came back to Rogue River and everyone said the road forks and even numbers are on one fork and odd on the other. Wonder what idiot thought of that!! Will go back today. Went to Brian's office, dropping off chews I got at Costco for Atlas. Had a nice visit. Saw Emily too. She's looking great! Glad to have her back here after her trip and short lived stay in Florida! Then to Bill and Jeannie's where we had a nice chat and some wine. They gave me green tomatoes so I will be pickling them today or tomorrow.

10-16 ... Pick up prisoner.

Yesterday morning I went out on the porch to feed Bruiser and he snuck in the house while the screen door was closing. He's so funny... he runs like mad from room to room. Jumps on the dining room chairs, runs into my bedroom and hides under the bed. I put Harley in the bathroom and closed the door to avoid any confrontations. I went to my desk and he came in and jumped on the desk, altering computer stuff since he walked on the keyboard! He purrrred and then went outside. Nut case. Wants to be included.

Got this from Dewayne Honeee P-Berger.... what a great video. "All God's creatures got a place in the choir" by the Celtic Thunder. Foot stompin' hand clappin' fun. You will enjoy. Love those Irish!! (and they are cute too!)

and their official Youtube site is here:

Historically this date....
1923The Walt Disney Company is founded by Walt Disney and his brother, Roy Disney.

1962Cuban Missile Crisis between the United States, and Cuba and the USSR, begins.

2006Hawaii Earthquake: A magnitude 6.7 earthquake rocks Hawaii, causing property damage, injuries, landslides, power outages, and the closure of Honolulu International Airport.

And births this date include....
1535Niwa Nagahide, Japanese warlord (d. 1585)
....Hmmm... thought he made seat covers!

1758Noah Webster, American lexicographer (d. 1843)
...our dictionary hero!

1885Alfred Braunschweiger, German diver (d. 1952)
... you mean he didn't make liver sausage???1946Suzanne Somers, American actress

1958 – Tim Robbins, American actor, director, and writer

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
October 16th
National Feral Cat Day
Here is Bruiser coming off his glider bed this morning...

Taking good care of my feral cat buddy, Bruiser!

.... and it's
National Liqueur Day

Liqueurs are heavy sweet or spiced alcoholic beverages that originated centuries ago as folk medicines. Both orange and anise liqueurs are common ingredients in many recipes, from appetizers to desserts.