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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patriot Day ~ Football Season! ~ Steak Dinner ~ Hot Crossed Buns

Good 42ยบ morning. Supposed to be partially cloudy today. Was very nice yesterday. Comfortable, not hot!


Today is a humbling day. Memory kicks in to that horrible tragic morning and all the visuals on the TV. Unspeakable. I was wrapped in a blanket in front of the TV all day. It still makes me so sad to the point of being teary-eyed. Several years ago I put together an album of photos from that day. You can see it here on my Webshots page....
If you click on the first picture it will enlarge. Top right you can go to "next" and "previous" photos and also make the picture full screen.

I didn't mention on my blog yesterday the fun Sunday Football day it was. My Patriots rocked over the Titans 34 -13! Kristen and Olga's Jets bombed Bill's Buffalo Bills 48-28.
Brian's Colts succumbed to Phil & Suzanne's Bears 41-21. Jeannie's 49ers lauded over the Packers 30-22. Peyton's new team the Broncos whipped the Steelers 31-19. And YEAH Jerry's Cowboys whomped the Giants 24-17!! (poor Eli. Boo hoo boo hoo.) And then there was last night with the Raiders (boo) and Cliff's Chargers......YEAH Chargers 22, Raiders 14! And so it goes, football season has begun.

Yesterday my neighbor friends, Frank & Cindy came over. They brought me birthday gifts. (So, they are late. It is my 'birthday month'!!!) Included was a yummy bottle of Chardonnay, some pansies to plant, and a BIG THEEK STEAK! The steak came from "Jerry's Custom Meat Cutting and Smoking" in Central Point. I put it in some marinade immediately. This is my favorite marinade....

1 T. Montreal Steak Seasoning  
2 cups red wine
2/3 cup olive oil

I heated a vegetable rice mixture, in a little olive oil, that I got from Target and added some fresh diced tomatoes....

The steak was cooked on my George Foreman Grill....

To serve I topped the steak with some Boursin cheese
 cut up some yellow bell pepper and plated it with the rice....

Today is the birthday of a couple of special people.... my friend (former LASD Reserve and Choirboy) Jim Hoffman. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM!! And my dental hygienist Liz O'Conner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!

Historically this date...
1939World War II: Canada declares war on Germany, the country's first independent declaration of war

1941 – Ground is broken for the construction of The Pentagon.

1961 – Hurricane Carla strikes the Texas coast as a Category 4 hurricane, the second strongest storm ever to hit the state.

2001 – In the USA three hijacked aircraft are deliberately crashed into the twin World Trade Center towers (which collapse) in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, in a co-ordinated attack which became known as "9/11". Another hijacked airliner in the same attack crashes in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people are killed.

And births this date include....
1928 – Earl Holliman, American actor

1937 – Robert Crippen, American astronaut

1962 – Kristy McNichol, American actress

1967 – Harry Connick, Jr., American singer

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
September 11th
Patriot Day

National Hot Cross Bun Day

This ought to bring back some memories! ....

Ok, I'm late again ..... blog will be up in about an hour (8:30-9am)