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Friday, October 12, 2012

Weather ~ Nancy Me Wine ~ VP Debate ~ A Dog Scorned?

Good 36ยบ clear so far morning. Rain coming, maybe!

OK, today is 10-12-12... so in radio car speak 10-12 means nothing. There is no 10-12 code. :0( but tomorrow 10-13 there is!
Yesterday was a good one. I went to Costco with my pal Nancy Perry. We did our best to $pend money. (Ha, not hard at the Big C!) Some geezer flirted with Nancy... when she threatened (she was being silly and not serious!) to run the slow moving dude over with her cart.... He laughed and said he "wouldn't mind being run over by such a pretty woman"! Yeah Nancy!  Then we went to Olive Garden for a glass of some Sicilian Chardonnay and lunch. Nancy had a salad, soup, and bread sticks. I had a chicken Alfredo pizza. OMGOOD!

Historically this date...
1792 – First celebration of Columbus Day in the USA held in New York.
1823Charles Macintosh of Scotland sells the first raincoat.
... and as I have said before my aunt Agnes Mills worked for Macintosh Clothiers on Hollywood Blvd back in the '50's and '60's. Marilyn Monroe had custom clothes made there with built in bras. George Raft who played gangster parts came in to have suits made and my aunt got scared, thinking he was a real gangster!
1892 – The Pledge of Allegiance is first recited by students in many US public schools, as part of a celebration marking the 400th anniversary of Columbus's voyage.
1901President Theodore Roosevelt officially renames the "Executive Mansion" to the White House.
1933 – The United States Army Disciplinary Barracks on Alcatraz Island, is acquired by the United States Department of Justice
1962 – Infamous Columbus Day Storm strikes the U.S. Pacific Northwest with record wind velocities; 46 dead and at least U.S. $230 million in damages
2000 – The USS Cole is badly damaged in Aden, Yemen, by two suicide bombers, killing 17 crew members and wounding at least 39
And births this date include...
1935 – Luciano Pavarotti, Italian tenor (d. 2007)
... .His singing was awesome....
1968 – Hugh Jackman, Australian actor and singer
1970Kirk Cameron, American actor
1975Marion Jones, American track and field athlete
1977 – Bode Miller, American alpine ski-racer
The debate last night, again interesting. Funny how the democrats tend to get real angry instead of giving facts, listening, and commenting.
"Most polls and media talking heads gave the advantage in the vice presidential debate to GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, but said that Vice President Biden also won by reviving Democratic morale following the disastrous Oct. 3 presidential debate.

A quick CNN poll of registered voters said 48 percent thought Ryan was the winner, while 44 percent thought Biden claimed the title. Sixty percent of CNN’s respondents said Ryan was presidential, and 53 percent said he was more likable.
A CNBC poll said that 56 percent thought Ryan was the winner, while 36 declared Biden to be the winner."

Read more:
And from Ron Weisberger...
As Ron said, a woman scorned is bad, but a dog??? Whoa!
This is great!
All I know. TGIF. Clean the house day and catch up ... Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
October 12th
National Gumbo Day