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Monday, June 6, 2011

Thunder/Lightening ~ Buttery Roquefort Spread ~ Pancakeffles

Good 53ยบ cloudy morning.

Yesterday was an extreme weather day. About 3:30pm it started raining and accompanied by a little thunder. Then the drops got bigger and it came down harder. Buckets of rain! Then about 4pm the thunder and lightening started in big time!  Always scares the bejeebers out of Maggie and Harley. They were clingy. The following pictures were taken an hour apart, starting about 3:45pm....

We ended up with .28" in the first hour.

It looks like it will be nice the rest of the week....

You will love this... the disappearing  car trick... sent to me by Deeewayne Honeee. (aka Duane Preimsberger! for you LASD folks.)
Jerry and I went to a party for Duane, a promotion party or birthday or something, I can't remember. Anyway, his wife, Judy, got him a Dolly Parton look-alike to sing to him. Her name was Polly Darton and she called him "Deeeewayne Honeeee". It stuck. (Eh, Duane?)

I found this picture of a momma hummer feeding her baby...


Breakfast yesterday was pancakes... as my buddy Linda suggested, put them in the waffle iron! What a great idea. So I did and it crisped the edges. Good! Since I can have sugar free syrup and only 2 T, I put 1 T on the pancakeffles and 1 T on my yogurt and bananas.



Just as a side note..... I am down 6 pounds in 14 days!!! Yaaaaaa hoooooooooo! The diet is easy and I am never hungry, and I can use my cooking creativeness .... a challenge, with prepared food. Now Nutri-System not only has dry packaged food they send frozen entrees as well. All good.

Yesterday I picked up a bunch of wood that was up on the hill and took it to the burn pile. Then I collected some rocks and put them on Yukon's grave. More to do, but enough bending over for one day. Pulled weeds. Vacuumed upstairs and the stairs. Huff puff huff puff......  Cleaned the carpet in my bathroom and blew the debris from all the winds, off the front porch.
Here's a recipe that is wonderful... Got it from an old friend:
(Tom passed away in 2007)

Historically this date....
1833U.S. President Andrew Jackson becomes the first President to ride on a train.
1944 – World War II: Battle of Normandy begins. D-Day, code named Operation Overlord, commences with the landing of 155,000 Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy in France. The allied soldiers quickly break through the Atlantic Wall and push inland in the largest amphibious military operation in history.
1968Don Drysdale of the Los Angeles Dodgers throws his record 58th consecutive scoreless inning, a major league record until 1988.
2005 – The United States Supreme Court upholds a federal law banning cannabis, including medical marijuana, in Gonzales v. Raich.
  ....obviously it doesn't apply in Orygun!

And births this date include....
1755Nathan Hale, American writer and patriot (d. 1776)
.....And a lot of people I never heard of or aren't impressed with.

....BUT, it is my friend Joan's cousin, my email pal, Mike's wife .. Nan's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAN. Wish I could have a martini with you! Have a great day!!!!
All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Mom-Soupy-Sue
June 6th
National Yo-Yo Day

Not a  "Sleeper" Holiday. <g>
The yo-yo is certainly not a new creation; the famous toy has been around for nearly 3 millennia, popular in ancient Chinese, Greek, and Filipino culture. The yo-yo as we know it was introduced in the early 1900's by Donald F. Duncan, Sr., born on this very day. Coincidence??? LOL.
The best way to celebrate National Yo-Yo Day is with a yo-yo (Duh)! There are numerous types of yo-yos; they come in different shapes, sizes, some even light up! So celebrate this zany holiday by showing off a few tricks you pick up, such as walking the dog, around the world, or split the atom.