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Thursday, March 3, 2011

3-3 & only 303 days left in 2011 ~ LE Lunch ~ Sami's Pizza Party ~

Good 35º morning. Well, it started out that way when  I got up but then had to leave for the test.... It has warmed to 44º now.
Fasting blood tests are not my favorites. Right up there with going to the dentist! Back home now and enjoying coffee and snacks!

Today looks like this....

We got this much rain yesterday.....

Not quite 1/4". Raining today, yet....

Starting Monday I was feeling like I was getting "something". Achy shoulders and neck, sneezing my head off, throat 'iffy'. I have managed to stave off any illness, as so many people I know including family have been down for the count with sneezing, coughing, mild temps, etc. So, in my infinite wisdom I started taking Zicam again. OMG, I feel wonderful! The symptoms are gone. I so heartedly recommend it for the first sign of getting the 'crud'.  Get some and put it in your medicine cabinet! Or desk drawer!

The Law Enforcement/Fire luncheon was fun. Two newbys, Bob and Ron (his son). They own an ammo reloading supply business here in So. Or. Bob was with Orange County SD and Ron with Josephine Co (here) SD. I had asked them to join us since we are so outnumbered by LAPD and various other cops. Deputies and LA CO Fire so very welcome at our gatherings... Tell your friends.

On my way home I saw our newest addition to Rogue River....

We just had one 'R' up there and last week the second 'R' was added. Cool! My pal, PatC has written an article in the RR Press about it. She was up there on a quad. Better her than me!!

Went shopping after lunch for Sami's birthday presents ... Leggos, fufu pink hat, ear muffs, hot pink gloves, fufu pink purse with necklace and bracelet, Hello Kitty, Playdough, Dr. Suess book, Disney drawing kit, and a blue baseball cap.  I met up with Brian and family at Abby's Pizza .. Sami's request. Several other children were there too, as they came directly from their gymnastics class. Jen had ordered several types of pizza and sodas. The kids enjoyed playing the games in the side room and winning tickets that they turned in for "prizes". Dessert was a Baskin Robins ice cream cake. Yummm.... Sami said, "Bobo!" and I looked to see this chocolate cake/ice cream face. She wanted me to take her picture! She liked the hats and her friends gave her a set of beads so she can make necklaces and bracelets, etc. and it came in this great big bag. I asked her if I could take her picture in the bag. Of course!

Historically this date...

1845Florida is admitted as the 27th U.S. state.
1931 – The United States officially adopts The Star-Spangled Banner as its national anthem.
1938Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia.
2005 – Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly an airplane non-stop around the world solo without refueling.
And births this date include.....

1847Alexander Graham Bell, Scottish-Canadian inventor (d. 1922)

1911Jean Harlow, American actress (d. 1937)

1933 – Lee Radziwill, American fashion executive
Jackie O's younger sister.

1971 – Tyler Florence, chef, television personality and cookbook author

1982Jessica Biel, American actress

Left at 7am for the fasting blood test. The landscape was interesting with very high clouds, low clouds, and a fog laying in Grants Pass....

The little gal who took my blood said we shared the same birthday, 9-2.... only hers ends with 1989! Not 1945! I explained that I was born on the first VJ Day. When I checked in at the desk the lady who took all my information said, "You won't believe this, but you were here EXACTLY one year ago today for the same test!Hmmmm... another interesting unimportant fact.

My friend Tammy (Mr. Big Stuff's mom) found this packet I thought interesting and very funny. So I looked and found the following...

Oh my. They are everywhere!!!! LOL

All I know. Nuff said.
Happy Thursday!
xo Mom-Soupy-Sue
March 3rd
 (this is weird)
National Cold Cuts Day