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Friday, February 11, 2011

~ Ice ~ Doe and Fawn ~ Lazy Boy ~

Good 27º morning. Hmmm.... 7º warmer than yesterday. Is it globalwarming Mr. Gore???
I was out taking pictures yesterday morning, trying to capture the icy feel...

I don't know if you can see the rainbow of colors in the tall
grass as the sun hit the ice.
Mr. Towhee was keeping his red eyes on me!

The ice was clinging to the branches....

And then I had visitors..... sooooo precious!

Yesterday Pat, yet another Pat in my circle of friends, came here and we went to the JCRW lunch together. Our speaker was Holly Swanson, activist and author of Set Up and Sold Out. She spoke of the Green Agenda, Green Party, their communist link, etc. She talked about how the Green Agenda is infiltrating into our schools, without any understanding or knowledge by our teachers and how this is going to brain wash our children and steps we need to take to stop it. Interesting. She's a dynamo! Ruth, our President, was on a roll yesterday. She was funny and silly. She made us laugh. Good meeting!

Came home and my new waffle iron had been delivered by UPS. Yeah. Today it's savory waffle day!  Maggie and I went to Dave and PJ's, did a house check, fish check, and got the model number off the bottom of her phone so the folks at Vtech can give me instructions for PJ on how to remotely delete messages. Chatted with PJ and was told Debbie had a horrible toothache and had one taken out yesterday. She was feeling some better. Hard to be not feeling well when you are so far away from home.  Dinner was reruns of that great Costco shrimp salad and I added diced cooked sweet potato. We watched TV and snoozed.

Historically this date....
1916Emma Goldman is arrested for lecturing on birth control.
1941 – The first gold record is presented to Glenn Miller for "Chattanooga Choo Choo".
1943 – World War II: General Dwight Eisenhower is selected to command the allied armies in Europe.
1990 – James Buster Douglas, a 42 to 1 underdog, deals Mike Tyson his first professional loss with the largest upset in boxing history and becomes the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
And births this date include...

1847Thomas Alva Edison, American inventor (d. 1931)

1909Max Baer, American boxer and actor (d. 1959)

1919Eva Gabor, Hungarian-born actress (d. 1995)

  "Green Acres" with Eddie Albert...a funny show!

1926 – Leslie Nielsen, Canadian actor (d. 2010)
1934 – Tina Louise, American actress
1936Burt Reynolds, American actor
("Mister Plastic" !! You ask "Why???")

1953 – Jeb Bush, American politician and 43rd Governor of Florida

1962 – Sheryl Crow, American musician

1964Sarah Palin, American politician and 11th Governor of Alaska

1969Jennifer Aniston, American actress

Had a nice chat with Aaron. He and Marie (pronounced Mary) are getting married Monday, Valentine's Day, in Saint Marie's (pronounced Saint Mary's). They will be down this way in June and we'll have a "Wedding Happening" then complete with wedding cake!

All I know. Will make a run to Grants Pass and stop in Brian's office today to drop of his Costco requests, Mike's salmon, pick up some cookies I understand she left for me, and stop in at Staples for printer ink. (That ought to bankrupt me!) Later I'll make those waffles with buckwheat flour, ham, and cheese. Maybe even the brownie ones. Naaaaa... one at a time!!!

Nuff said. Happy Friday.
xo Mom/Soupy/Sue
February 11th
Lazy Boy Chair Day
(first came out in 1948!)

Here's mine with my snuggy down comforter.
My cozy corner!!!