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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Poopy Mood ~ Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake ~ Orville's Pop Corn Fiasco ~ Mole/Canning/Boston Cream Pie Day

Good 39º raining morning. Rained on and off all night again. What we missed for 80+ days, we're making up for it now. Another 1/2" since yesterday.

10-23 in radio code is "stand by".

Yesterday I wrote a blog, as usual, but didn't send emails out stating so. I write one every day. It's always in the same place. Nobody says anything (Well, Jeannie, Patty, Trish, and a couple others comment to me, but I rarely, if ever, hear from anyone else! Even my family!!!! HINT HINT) so I get in a 'mood' at times thinking "why do I bother sending emails?" .... just me. Anyway, it's there along with today's.

Yeah yeah yeah.... pity party of one. Boo hoo.

After last night's debate.................

I made the double layer pumpkin cheesecake yesterday. Different in the fact it is only 150 calories per slice. The crust is just graham cracker crumbs sprinkled in the bottom of a pie dish. No butter. Then you add the cheesecake layer and on top of that the pumpkin layer. I topped it with whipping cream. It was DELIGHTFUL! Very light. Very good. I could have eaten the whole thing! This is a great dessert after a heavy meal.

2 8oz pkgs of cream cheese, room temp
1/2 cup sugar
1 t. vanilla
2 eggs
1 cup canned pumpkin
1/2 t. pumpkin spice (or dash ground nutmeg & 1/4 t. cinnamon)
1/3 cup Honey Maid Graham Cracker Crumbs
cool whip or any whipped cream topping

Heat oven to 350º. Beat cream cheese with sugar and vanilla. Beat in eggs, 1 at a time just til blended. Remove 1 cup of batter and place in medium bowl with pumpkin and spices. Mix well.

Spray 9" pie plate with cooking spray. Sprinkle bottom with graham cracker crumbs.

Top with cream cheese mixture. Top with pumpkin batter. Bake 40 minutes (45-50 at higher altitudes). Cool. Refrigerate. Serve topped with whipped cream. OMGOOD!!!!

Yesterday I purchased Orville Redenbacher's new popcorn bowl. UGH~!~~~ Awful. I am writing them a letter. The first batch burned. Never have I burned popcorn! The plastic film you are supposed to just "peel off" doesn't work that way. Then once you get the film open your fingers burn from the steam! The bowl is stupid. The popcorn needed spraying with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter to make it taste decent.

Here is a video on YouTube about it... most came to the same consensus as I did.... don't buy it!!

Historically this date...
1935Dutch Schultz, Abe Landau, Otto Berman, and Bernard "Lulu" Rosencrantz are fatally shot at a saloon in Newark, New Jersey in what will become known as The Chophouse Massacre.

1983Lebanon Civil War: The U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut is hit by a truck bomb, killing 241 U.S. military personnel. A French army barracks in Lebanon is also hit that same morning, killing 58 troops.

2004 – A powerful earthquake and its aftershocks hit Niigata prefecture, northern Japan, killing 35 people, injuring 2,200, and leaving 85,000 homeless or evacuated.

2011 – A powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Van Province, Turkey, killing 582 people and injuring thousands.

And births this date include...
1766Emmanuel, Marquis de Grouchy, French marshal (d. 1847)
.... HEY, maybe I'm related!!! LOL

1925Johnny Carson, American television host (d. 2005)

1956Dwight Yoakam, American singer
    (keep the hat on, dude.)

1976 – Ryan Reynolds, Canadian actor

The Chicago Bears beat the Detroit Lions last night. I know a few people who are happy about that ... Suzanne Santisteven and her family ... BIG Bears fans! And big Dan at Ace! A Chicago native and Bear lover!!! Congrats guys!

All I know. Nuff said. Will fill out my ballot today and get that off. Not much else planned. Will probably play and experiment in the kitchen..... Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
October 23rd
National Mole Day (not what you think!) is also
National Canning Day
... and yes, today I may can a few more pickled carrots with garlic as they are SOOOOO GOOD!!

National Boston Cream Pie Day     mmmmmmmmmmm..........